Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 5 recap – “An Ill-Fated Match Made in Heaven”

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 20, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers Club season 1, episode 5


Episode 5 makes some brave choices in the story, but will it pay off? We’ll find out.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 5, “An Ill-Fated Match Made in Heaven,” contains spoilers.

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It only takes one episode, and the story changes completely. The fifth chapter becomes a pivotal moment in this series, with a shocking ending that will change things forever.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 begins with that intimate moment between Eun-pyo and Louis. However, it isn’t an intimate moment after all; Louis only wanted to tell Eun-pyo to keep his new book a secret from Jin-ha. The next day, Jin-ha asks Eun-pyo for advice on her local art exhibition and asks her to write its introduction. Eun-pyo is unsure at first, but Jin-ha insists. Eventually, Eun-pyo agrees to write for it.

As for other secrets — Yun-ju’s husband calls Chun-hui. She tells him to delete her number. She meets him and demands that he never gets involved in her life. Yun-ju’s husband says he’s worried about her because she’s reckless. It looks like their undesirable reunion will cause problems in their marriages.

Jin-ha bumps into an old friend from the past that brings up traumas. She clearly has a lot of issues from her childhood after her mother died, and it takes a unique toll on the character in episode 5. At the exhibition, Eun-pyo bumps into an old professor, and she looks uncomfortable. This was the professor in France where she exited her doctorate. Jin-ha raises how she thought Eun-pyo still delivered lectures, and she has to clarify that she no longer does that.

Later in the episode, Jin-ha apologizes to Eun-pyo; she claims she didn’t know she had quit lecturing. Eun-pyo tells her never to contact her again and brings up that she thinks she has mental health problems. She raises the games Jin-ha has played since school. This hurts Jin-ha, but we can see why Eun-pyo struggles to trust her. With Jin-ha’s past catching up to her, her partner Louis finds that she has overdosed. She has to go to the hospital and get her stomach pumped. Jin-ha quickly discharges herself from the hospital after.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo heads to Jin-ha’s house, and Louis is there. She was checking on Jin-ha and wondered where she was. She explains she doesn’t want any misunderstandings. Louis explains that telling Jin-ha about the book would make things complicated. Eun-pyo asks Louis why he went to Jin-ha back in France. She wants to know why she was left for Jin-ha. But then Jin-ha returns, and she wonders why Eun-pyo is in her house. This is undoubtedly a turning point in the episode.

When Eun-pyo leaves, Jin-ha accuses Louis of not “getting over” Eun-pyo. Louis explains how unbearable it is to live with her. When Louis goes, Jin-ha rings Eun-pyo and calls her a “sly bitch,” and accuses her of sleeping with Louis, but then Eun-pyo’s child falls over and hurts himself, so she has to rush to the hospital. Chun-hui joins her at the hospital, and Eun-pyo calls herself selfish because she feels it’s her fault that her child hurt himself.

The ending

And then Eun-pyo experiences a dark dream. In the nightmare, Eun-pyo meets Jin-ha for a coffee. Jin-ha states she is leaving and asks her if she’d like her to disappear. Jin-ha puts on a scarf, and glass falls and shatters. Suddenly, Eun-pyo is highly anxious, remembering when a glass jar nearly hit Chun-hui’s child. Suddenly, Jin-ha walks in front of a moving truck and commits suicide. But this was all a nightmare.

But it doesn’t end there. After this nightmare, Eun-pyo heads outside in the rain. And she sees a dead body in the park. It’s Jin-ha.

Episode 5 makes some brave choices in the story, but will it pay off? We’ll find out.

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