Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 6 recap – Sato turns even more dangerous

By Jordan Lyon
Published: April 21, 2022
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HBO Max series Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 6


An exciting turn of events, and with Sato’s journey turning more violent/deadly every second, it’s a matter of who will be caught in the crossfire. Plus, there’s a hint that Polina has met a deadly end, which helps keep the stakes high in Tokyo Vice.

This recap of the HBO Max series Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 6, contains spoilers.

Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 6 recap

In the sixth episode of Tokyo Vice, Jake brings some sweets to Sam to apologize for being an a******e. But when he warns her to be careful around Sato, she refuses to accept the sweets. As Sato has flashbacks to the events from the previous episode, Oyaburn rings him, showing that he survived the attack on their lives. 

Meanwhile, Jake does further research and learns that different profiles are by the same guy. Jake locates the writer of the profiles, a possible meth user, and after saying he is a fan, he gets invited into the man’s apartment. Later on in the episode, Jake follows Misaki and tells her that he (aka the newspaper) has a few questions that he would like to ask her. Misaki, however, says she isn’t foolish enough to say anything to him. 

In retaliation for the attack in the previous episode, Nakahara-san forces Tozawa to go onto his knees and beg for forgiveness whilst attempting to resolve the grievance with one hundred million yen. Elsewhere in Tokyo Vice, Sam grows concerned about Polinal after previously believing that she had done a runner. And when Sam meets with Matsuo, her blackmailer, she agrees on ten “sessions”. When she asks about who hired him, he reveals that it was her father. And, therefore, she has a choice. Take his offer or face her father. Sam decides to take Matsuo’s offer.

Anki Kobayashi believes that if they violate the peace, the Tozawa will be free and have the council’s full support to attack, to which Sato agrees. Jake receives a tip-off that the Tozawa will be importing a large shipment of shabu (meth) the following day in Tokyo. Tozawa goes for lunch with Misaki and he speculates whether she wishes for a life without him. And with that thought, he warns her to keep Jake out of her bed or he will kill her. Jake goes to Katagiri and informs him of the tip-off. Katagiri, however, will not act rashly. Polina gets instructed to get into a car and in a scene similar to scenes between Eileen and Ruby from the season one finale of The Deuce, she just misses Sam. 

The ending

After Sam wakes up with Sato and notices fresh bruises on her body, she reveals that her ring with CTR on it stands for “choose the right” and it’s from a father as a way to remind her of her duty. Jake goes to see Eimi, where he learns that her brother is unwell. And when he tells her about the tip-off, she tells him to find someone else to help. After Polina passes out (is she dead?) in an unknown location, Jake tells Jin Miyamoto about the drug shipment. Police follow the lead, but shockingly, there are no drugs. The tip was wrong! And so, Jin will make it so that no cop will ever speak to Jake. Katagiri comes onto the scene and tells Jake that because of his screw-up, they now start from nothing.

Sato pays a visit to Matsuo and says that Sam is protected as she is one of their top earners. But Matsuo calls his bluff, and when they fight, Sato stabs him before smashing Matsuo’s head in. In the office, Eimi asks Jake why on earth his source would give him bad information. (Likely her doing if you ask me). After Sato has a drink, Sam sits with him and he hints that he has “taken care” of Matsuo. Jake sits with them and gets thrown out of the club as he argues with Sato over the bad tip-off. In the closing moments of the sixth episode, it’s revealed that Jin works with Tozawa and had, in fact, hidden the drugs during the raid. When Tozawa asks how he knew about the raid, Jin reveals that it’s because Jake came to him with the story.

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