Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 7 recap – what has happened to Polina?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: April 21, 2022
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HBO Max series Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 7


There’s a decent build-up before the season one finale of Tokyo Vice, and it seems that Jin and Sato will be a massive part of the drama.

This recap of the HBO Max series Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 7, contains spoilers.

Tokyo Vice season 1, episode 7 recap

As San listens to “Kiss Me”, Tsutomu Makita’s body washes up on the docks, and it’s revealed that he worked cargo at the airport raided in the last episode. Elsewhere, Eimi attends a last-minute press conference, and the body of a murder victim (Kaori Shoda) has been found. Jin is claiming to have found evidence that proves who the killer is. Eimi, however, is unhappy with the lack of information that she gets given. Yet, as usual, she is unable to prey for further details. As Sam inspects the building for her club, she continues to wonder where Polina is.

Eimi has lunch with Jin, and whilst she tries to act for more information on the murder victim, Jin is more concerned with Jake. Sato learns that his father has had a stroke, and when he goes to visit him, his mother forbids him from coming into the hospital room. Even when Sato offers to pay for the treatment, his mother demands that he leaves. As Tozawa’s birthday approaches, Jake bumps into an old friend, Dave. And whilst they seem to get along, he annoys Jake by asking too many questions about his sister. Even so, they have a night out in Tokyo, with Jake eventually finding Misaki in the club.

The ending

As Sam searches for Polina, Sato learns that she is in debt. This means trouble for the managers, so Sam and Sato continue to search for her. Although, shortly afterward, Sato accuses Sam of using him to locate Polina. As the birthday celebrations begin, Tozawa pressures Jin into finding out what Jake has on him, as, if Tozawa goes down, he will bring Jin down with him. And then, during his birthday party, Tozawa collapses, and as he struggles to breathe, he says, “Misaki”. As for Misaki, she is with Jake and Dave, and just as he asks her if she loves him, Tozawa’s men come for her. With yet another story getting buried, Jake begins to lose hope whilst Eimi tells him this is why they must remain focused and fight for change. As Jin breaks into an empty room, Katagiri catches him on CCTV, “smile a******e”.

With just one episode to go, it won’t be too long before we get the answer we all want. Personally, I’m waiting for the scene that we saw in the pilot episode, and I want to know whether Polina is dead or alive.

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