Hold Tight episode 6 recap – the ending explained

April 22, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 6 - the ending explained


Episode 6 brings a conclusive finale as secrets are revealed.

This recap of Netflix limited series Hold Tight episode 6 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

In true Harlan Coben style, the final episode of Hold Tight brings many twists and turns. Let’s break down the ending.

Hold Tight episode 6 recap – the ending explained

Episode 6 begins with Adam’s father, Michal, receiving a phone call from Adam before Gajos and Blazej put it down. Anna and Michal take this information to the police. Meanwhile, the police are reporting on the murders of the two women. Tadeusz rings Natan, furious, believing it was him that did it. Natan tells him he’s doing his best for him.

Meanwhile, Gajos and Blazej check if Adam is alive after they attack him for using his phone. They believe he is dead and argue with each other. They have no idea what to do, so they use Adam’s phone to message Kaja. When she receives the message, she seems distressed. Kaja tells her father, Anna, and Michal that Adam said to her that he wants nothing to do with him. They don’t believe the messages she has received were from Adam, so they check the numbers and codes.

Tadeusz confronts Natan directly and asks if he killed those women. He regrets asking for his help. Natan talks about how he thinks about it every day — the Taliban soldier and being unable to shoot and that Tadeusz saved him. But Tadeusz isn’t interested in talking about the past.

Gajos and Blazej tell Joanna at Guru that they have the codes, but they’ll need help getting rid of Adam’s body. Meanwhile, Anna and Michal look into whether the Czech numbers can be tracked.

Tadeusz goes to the police to tell them that he is a witness and knows about the murders and kidnappings, but then, he’s gone before the police can talk to him.

But it turns out Adam is alive, and he speaks to Joanne about the e-prescription codes. He thinks her behavior will land his mother in prison. Joanne tells him she’s been helping kids all her life. She believes she creates a safe haven with proper drugs. But Adam threatens to go to the police, blaming her for Igor’s death.

Meanwhile, Gasoj is interviewed by the authorities, and he gives away that Adam is potentially in danger. Meanwhile, Adam fights Joanne, and his parents manage to track him and bring down Joanne. Adam tells his parents he didn’t steal prescriptions, but he’s known what has been happening for a couple of months and wanted to deal with it. It’s an emotional family reunion.

Adam tells the police he’s willing to testify, but he lies and explains he has no idea who kidnapped him, covering for Gajos and Blazej. Adam then reveals Igor was using his technology to hack the prescription codes, and he tried to stop him. His parents tell him Igor’s death is not his fault.

Marianna’s ex-husband is attacked by Natan and the woman. They want his laptop. The woman finds the children under the bed and tells them to be silent. Suddenly, one of the girls points a gun at Natan. She shoots Natan square in the chest, and her father hugs her tightly for saving her.

The ending

But of course, Hold Tight gave us one last twist before it ended.

Tadeusz reveals to the police that he had an affair with Marianna after an incident with her daughter. He confirms he was compromised as someone was recording their affair. He believes the person blackmailing him was the ex-husband Janusz Nowak. The police tell Tadeusz that there’s no proof to his claims. It’s soon revealed that Janusz Nowak’s daughter was sending the videos in a strange twist.

As the episode ends, Anna wonders how the prescription pads were stolen despite being in a safe. As she thinks this, she looks at Adam from afar and vows to protect him. She knows it was him, but a mother’s love can be intense.

Episode 6 brings a conclusive finale as secrets are revealed.

What did you think of Hold Tight episode 6, and the ending? Comment below.

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1 thought on “Hold Tight episode 6 recap – the ending explained

  • May 5, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    I think this ending could be a beginning. Why did Adam lie about his friends? What was Adam burning on those rocks? How did the boys get those prescription pads? Anna is not one to let an outpoint drop and she doesn’t seem to accept that Adam may have given away her pads. Are we being set up for Season 2????

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