Every Harlan Coben TV Series Ranked (Worst to Best)

August 20, 2023 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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Every Harlan Coben TV Series Ranked (Worst to Best)

In this article, we rank every Harlan Coben TV series from worst to best, which needless to say will contain some spoilers for the shows discussed. 

Harlan Coben’s Shelter is the latest adaptation of a property by the popular author.

Coben is known for his mysteries and his approach to writing and character has been a gift for production companies that want to adapt his work.

Some have worked better than others, so we have sat down and compiled a very subjective list of every Harlan Coben TV series, ranked from worst to best.

Every Harlan Coben TV Series Ranked (Worst to Best)

Hold Tight (2022)

When a young man goes missing in a suburban setting, families are terrified that there may be a killer on the loose.

Despite the attempts of the parents to keep their children safe, the kids have ideas and secrets of their own.

Hold Tight, a Polish production, comes with an IMDb rating of 6.2/10 and suffers from plot points that make no sense and tropes that include the secrets we keep from our families.

Just One Look (2017)

Here’s another missing person at the center of this Coben tale.

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Eva is in a desperate search for her husband who suddenly vanishes after she finds a photographic McGuffin.

IMDb puts this French adaptation at 6.3/10 and despite a strong opening, it descends into improbability in its final episodes.

Gone for Good (2021)

With an IMDb rating of 6.3/10, this ranks quite low on our list.

This French adaptation is set in Nice, and the action sequences are ok, so it scores on location and action, but it’s a little too contrived. There are a lot of confusing flashbacks and the usual Coben tropes, and really the main cast is just not that likable.

The Woods (2020)

Here is a Polish entry that follows the story of Pawel Kopcinski, who lost his sister twenty years ago in a horrific incident at a Summer Camp in the woods where four children disappeared.

Two were murdered, and two vanished, but when one of the victims resurfaces, it sparks hope for closure in the investigation.

A strong cast helps The Woods, but the time jumps can be confusing, and if you don’t pay attention you could miss some of the finer details of the story.

IMDb has this at a 6.6/10.

Stay Close (2021)

More Coben tropes than you can shake a stick at are revealed in this mystery that focuses on the lives of three characters, living their best lives, but concealing terrible secrets.

In Stay Close, working mother Megan, down-on-his-luck documentary photographer Ray, and obsessed Detective Broome are all impacted by the arrival of a friend from Megan’s past that has information that will complicate things for all three of the leads.

6.9/10 is the IMDb rating for this particular mystery that revels in its bizarre characters and quirky conceits.

No Second Chance (2015)

A horrific attack leads to a doctor, Alice, being shot and her husband murdered, and her infant baby kidnapped.

The police are no help, and at times seem to think she was behind the events, so taking the lead from other such premises, she turns vigilante to find the killers and kidnappers herself.

IMDb has this at 7.1/10, quite rightly too.

Safe (2018)

A missing daughter and a hunt that reveals some dark revelations from the past form the premise for this thriller, which you would recognize as a Coben story even if you didn’t know it was one.

Safe is a traditional thriller that covers all its bases and has an IMDb rating of 7.2/10.

The Stranger (2020)

More secrets, scandals, and hidden truths form the basis of this production, which sees Adam’s perfect life torn apart by a stranger that approaches him in a bar and reveals some home truths about his wife.

The intrigue in the opening episodes slowly dissipates and by the end of the series, it all feels a little anti-climatic and awkward.

The IMDb score is still high though, ranking The Stranger at 7.3/10.

The Five (2016)

Five-year-old Jesse has disappeared but two decades later his DNA is found at a crime scene kickstarting this mystery series.

IMDb has this at 7.5/10, but the premise that five friends including Jesse’s brother would reunite to get to the bottom of the mystery seems borrowed from Stephen King.

This UK production seems under-cooked, with some odd needle drops, sound mixing that is distracting, and a one-dimensional cast.

The Innocent (2021)

Mateo is imprisoned for four years, and when he is released he restarts his life with Olivia.

However, in true Coben fashion, a phone call threatens their new life together, and to condemn Mateo forever.

This is a Spanish adaptation, doesn’t shy away from the darker side of human nature, and has some uncomfortable scenes, that seem out of place from Coben’s other adaptations. However there is a strong narrative and a satisfying conclusion, and IMDb rates it at 7.8/10, putting it top of our list.

So, that’s every Harlan Coben TV series ranked from worst to best. Let us know if you agree with the list in the comments below.

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