Honeymoon With My Mother ending explained – the unbreakable bond between the mother and son

April 30, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Honeymoon With My Mother, so it will contain spoilers.

Netflix comedy Honeymoon With My Mother is a sweet bubbly mother-son relationship film. It is very relatable and quite enjoyable. Though there are some flaws as it follows the cliches in the overall telling of the film, it goes well as cute escapism.

The film tells the story of Jose Luiz and his overprotective mother Mari Carmen. On his wedding day, Jose Luiz is dumped by his girlfriend. Jose made all the plans after the wedding including an exotic trip to Mauritius. But due to the debacle, those plans are about to go down the drain. At this moment, his mother suggests going on the trip with him. Initially reluctant, Jose decides to go with the plan and takes his mother on the trip.

On the trip, he ails with his recent heartbreak while his mother enjoys her fullest. She often drags Jose into things he isn’t interested in.  And, with this, they argue all the time. Meanwhile, Mari Carmen meets a man of her same age named Armando. He claims that he is a photographer and quite mingles with her. At this time also Jose involves with a young tour guide named Sara. With their newfound friends, they get quite disconnected from each other.

One night when Jose tries to warn his mother about Armando (he suspects that he is a scammer), they have a harsh argument. Mari Carmen tells Jose that all her life has gone by caring for him and still he has no respect for her. She also harshly tells him that all the girls in Jose’s life left him because he doesn’t want a wife but a mother who will just serve him.

Netflix film Honeymoon With My Mother ending explained

The next morning, Jose realizes his apathy toward his mother’s desire. He calls his father and says about her unhappiness and that they don’t understand her desires. In the last shot, he hurriedly reaches Matasa Wedding place as he thinks she is going to marry Armando. He acknowledges his guilt and begs her to stop. In reply, she says that she is not going to marry Armando and she knows Armando is a drug dealer. Hearing this the hotel staff hurriedly comes to the place and come to know that Jose and Mari Carmen are mother and son. Bewildered, they threaten to kick them out of the hotel as they break the only-for-couples rule. In defense, Jose steps to his mother’s side and tells the staff that they may not be a couple but she deserves the best suite and all the best facilities of the hotel, which is only for couples. At last, Mari Carmen hugs her son and everyone present there applauds them with teary eyes.

Back at the home, Jose’s father offers Mari Carmen a trip to Paris (which is long due as their honeymoon). After Jose calls his father (I previously mentioned), he tells him that his mother may leave him as she finds the right person (Armando) who takes care of her desires. So, Jose’s father makes this plan to show his love for Mari Carmen. Mari Carmen accepts but asks her son worriedly if he will be good on his own for the time being. He simply replies that he doesn’t know but he has to. Mari Carmen also tells him that she is not sure whether to leave him alone like this. But she also has to try it for the sake of the betterment of her son to grow up on his own.

The movie ends as Jose sees his father’s drawn portrait of him and his mother showcasing the everlasting bond they share.

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