Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 8 recap – “Your Downright Lie”

May 4, 2022
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Damn, this story throws surprises sometimes — this is war.

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Damn, this story throws surprises sometimes — this is war.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 8, “Your Downright Lie,” contains spoilers.

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This is a series that takes viewers by surprise. On the surface, it looks like a story about the lives of mothers where children attend a prestigious academy, but it is so much more than that. Episode 8 levels up the story even more as Eun-pyo faces another challenge.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with Eun-pyo getting slapped at Jin-ha’s funeral — she is accused of having an affair with Jin-ha’s husband. Chun-hui tells the other mothers that whatever Eun-pyo says is a lie. But the other mothers bring up the mysterious letter by Jin-ha; Chun-hui claims the letter was not in her mailbox but Eun-pyo’s. She’s throwing her under the bus again.

Yun-ju sees her husband Man-su having a private conversation with Chun-hui in the car park, and it looks suspicious. She throws up in the toilet and sobs as the truth grows inside her. When her husband returns home, Yun-ju confronts him about what she saw and states her daughter is the most important thing to her, and she’s going to let this slide; she says if it happens again, she’ll ask for a divorce. She feels bad for Chun-hui’s child, not knowing who the birth father is.

Chun-hui accuses Yun-ju of sending that letter and wonders if it’s because she’s her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Yun-ju admits to sending the letter and wonders why she was in the parking lot with Man-su. Chun-hui reveals her partner is putting her in an awkward spot because he still has feelings for her. She wants to draw the line. Yun-ju meets Eun-pyo and wonders why she’s letting Chun-hui accuse her of being a mistress. Eun-pyo states she just wants it all to be over.

Eun-pyo’s son Dong-seok is invited on a TV show for genius children, but the mother is unsure if he should go on. Yun-ju thinks he should go on, stating that mothers would die for their children to be in the same position. Chun-hui learns of this news and accuses Dong-seok of hurting her child by forcing Yu-bin to lie. She asks the faculty to kick Dong-seok out of the academy. Chun-hui then spreads the rumor that Dong-seok has been molesting the girls in the class and states that Yun-jun’s daughter Su-in is a witness. Chun-hui tells Yun-ju she wants to go further and kick the family out of the neighborhood.

Late in the evening, Eun-pyo is approached by all the mothers after arranging a fake event for her to attend. They tell Eun-pyo that Dong-seok showed his private parts to Chun-hui and Yun-ju’s daughters. Chun-hui tells Eun-pyo to leave the community immediately. Eun-pyo is in disbelief, but Chun-hui continues pressing her and asks her to leave quietly.

When Eun-pyo asks her son about it, he denies it, saying he has been set up. Dong-seok’s father, Jae-ung, tells her not to discipline him because not believing his story could hurt. Eun-pyo speaks to Yun-ju privately about the situation, but Yun-ju gets upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. With all the mothers ousting Eun-pyo again, Jae-ung asks if they should move, but Eun-pyo intends to clear her son’s name first.

Knowing her daughter has lied because of her, Chun-hui tells Yu-bin not to say anything to anyone. Meanwhile, a rumor has spread amongst the children that Dong-seok showed his red underwear. Eun-pyo heads to Yu-jun’s home and asks her daughter a question — what color Dong-seok’s underwear was? Su-in says “red.” Eun-pyo knows she is lying because Dong-seok is particular about underwear and only wears blue. And then, Su-in confesses to lying and that she was blackmailed — she was scared of the repercussions of everyone knowing that her mother worked part-time at a store. Yun-ju blames her husband Man-su for all this and asks, “what is so great about Chun-hui?” Yun-ju sobs, and she’s apologetic to Eun-pyo.

The ending

Yun-ju and Eun-pyo confront Chun-hui in front of the other mothers at a restaurant. Eun-pyo accuses Chun-hui of framing her and her son. She demands an apology. Chun-hui tries to turn it around on her and asks the table if Eun-pyo and Yun-ju are ‘in cahoots”. Eun-pyo loses her patience and throws a drink at her. Tensions rise between them, and Eun-pyo promises to stomp her to the ground and kill her. Damn, this story throws surprises sometimes — this is war.

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