Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 2 recap – “Adults Don’t Make Friends Without Motives”

April 7, 2022
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Episode 2 continues to reel the viewer in with brilliant performances and an underlying mystery.

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Episode 2 continues to reel the viewer in with brilliant performances and an underlying mystery.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 2, “Adults Don’t Make Friends Without Motives,” contains spoilers.

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Green Mothers’ Club is enjoying a story without context. It isn’t easy to understand the history between these characters, making for intriguing viewing. Whether or not it manages to maintain that mystery is another question, but for now, it works. It’s also worth pointing out that the acting in this K-Drama has been brilliant so far.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Eun-pyo in Paris as part of a presumed flashback. She meets Louis, and their love for each other blossoms. The kind of love you can dream of. “That Sunday kind of love.” Eun-pyo receives her masters degree, which brings celebration. But then, her old friend Jin-ha appears, and it turns her lover’s head. Eun-pyo is immediately concerned and looks at her partner. She loses Louis very quickly to Jin-ha.

In the present day, Eun-pyo wakes up in the hospital. In the last episode, she collapsed outside the school, and her ex-lover took her to the hospital. When she gets home, her partner expects her to cook for the family, but she reacts, believing she’s getting treated like a maid. She tells him to feed the children himself.

At school, Eun-pyo checks out artwork from the children. But then, Jin-ha turns up with her partner Louis. She tells her that Louis is Henry’s father. Henry is attentive as ever and asks Eun-pyo if she’s feeling better. Jin-ha is her usual curious self, lasering in on Eun-pyo, making it difficult for the audience to figure her out.

Eun-pyo gets anxious when she sees her son’s behavior in class. She tries telling Dong-seok to pay attention, but it falls on deaf ears. A teacher pulls Eun-pyo aside and asks her how Dong-seok is studying at home. When Eun-pyo talks to her partner about it, she believes they should hold their ground, feeling they’ve instilled the correct principles in their son.

Eun-pyo tries to home school her son, but it isn’t easy due to his behavior. She asks Yun-ju if there are any academies for her son Dong-seok in the area. But then, in the park, someone throws glass jars at the children from a high building. Chun-hui’s daughter is nearly hit, and the mother is furious. Kim Yu-bin tells her mother that Eun-pyo saved her from being hit by the glass, so Chun-hui helps out Eun-pyo with a wound on her elbow. She drops the money installment plan Eun-pyo owes her for the broken violin and tells her to buy her coffees instead. Eun-pyo has managed to befriend her when it looked like she was going to be her enemy for a while.

Yun-ju believes that Chun-hui suspects that Jul-pin is responsible for the glass jars as there has been high tension recently since Chun-hui won the vote for the leader of the PTA. Later on, Eun-pyo hears Chun-hui confronting Jul-pin about the attack, believing it was one of her children.

Jin-ha heads to Eun-pyo’s apartment, and Yun-ju welcomes her. Her son Dong-seok wants to befriend Henry, Jin-ha’s son. Jin-ha invites Eun-pyo over to hers, putting pressure on her. Chun-hui is also invited, and there’s tension, with plenty of unspoken words as all three women go to Jin-ha’s house.

Jin-ha puts pressure on Eun-pyo to explain why she dropped out of the doctorate programme in France, despite being the youngest about to complete it. She strokes Eun-pyo’s hair in a sinister manner making the other mothers feel uncomfortable. Chun-hui leaps to Eun-pyo’s defense, stating that she may feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Flashbacks show a young Eun-pyo with Jin-ha, who shows her some artwork. Jin-ha tells her that her father creates art and is a professor at the university. Eun-pyo remembers doing paintings with her father. In the present day, Jin-ha checks up on Eun-pyo in the bathroom and asks her if she’d like to get back into art because she has all the talent. But then Jin-ha changes her tone and tells her to be careful around Yu-bin’s mother Chun-hui as she has a dark side. Eun-pyo challenges her on her opinion, but Jin-ha states she’s merely looking out for her.

The ending

Later on, Jin-ha heads to Eun-pyo’s apartment and apologizes to her for bringing up France. She states she’s proud of her for living her best life and finishing her doctorate in South Korea. She gives her a scarf that she can wear to her lectures and tells her she’s thrilled that they are neighborhood friends.

When Jin-ha leaves, Eun-pyo is visibly frustrated and runs after her. She aggressively gives her the scarf back and asks why she’s behaving like she is. Chun-hui watches from a distance. Eun-pyo feels Jin-ha is trying to make her feel small. She expresses that she’s taken advantage of her since childhood and always brings an innocent look. Jin-ha slaps her as Eun-pyo rants but then apologizes for it. Eun-pyo hits her back and calls it even.

Episode 2 continues to reel the viewer in with brilliant performances and an underlying mystery.

Additional points

  • Byeon Chun-hui is appointed head of the PTA. She accepts it quickly, believing she’ll be able to offer value. There is a vote, and Byeon Chun-hui wins easily.

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