Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 10 recap – “Wind From the Tip of a Sword”

May 5, 2022
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Episode 10 focuses on pressure and how it can change a child’s perspective.

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Episode 10 focuses on pressure and how it can change a child’s perspective.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 10, “Wind From the Tip of a Sword,” contains spoilers.

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When you put pressure on your children, it can bring unusual behaviors. Children are not built for pressure. They are still forming their view of the world. Their brains are also developing based on their environments. Episode 10 focuses on pressure and how it can change a child’s perspective.

Green Mothers’ Club season 1, episode 10 recap

Episode 10 opens with Yun-ju heading to a motel. She smashes on a door, believing Chun-hui and Man-su are inside. Chun-hui opens the door, and Yun-ju scopes the place out, but Man-su is not there. Chun-hui does not explain why she’s at the motel and kicks Yun-ju out. And then, Chun-hui’s acquaintances ask if Yun-ju will be a problem and remind her to cover her tracks. The next day, Yun-ju tells Eun-pyo what she saw at the motel. Chun-hui’s secrets are slowly but surely spilling out.

Man-su meets Louis at his apartment. Louis wonders if he has been stealing medication and asks if he knows Chun-hui, stating that she was a nurse who caused malpractice that led to a patient’s death. He then raises how Chun-hui was the last person to see her. Louis then meets Chun-hui and asks for her story about what happened when his wife died. Chun-hui gives the same story, but Louis asks if Jin-ha asked for drugs, which startles her. He knows that his wife had insomnia.

Chun-hui meets Man-su, and she’s upset. She states she only helped Jin-ha sleep, but now she’s doubting whether she may have killed her. Man-su explains that he told Louis that it wasn’t her that provided her with medication. Could it be that Jin-ha died because of Chun-hui, or is this another secret designed to throw the audience off?

Eun-pyo allows Dong-seok to go on the show for child geniuses. Dong-seok performs well with the questions, and it’s a massive success as he solves equations that full-grown adults cannot do. Dong-seok immediately has local fame with adults who want to speak to him, but Eun-pyo isn’t comfortable with the attention. But neither does her child feel comfortable.

But then comes good news finally for the lead character. Eun-pyo tells her husband that she has been appointed at university to lecture on courses, and she is excitable. This is a major turning point for the character, and the family is happy.

With Chun-hui’s life spiraling out of control, so does her family set-up. As Chun-hui drives in the car with her husband and children, she argues with him — she wonders why he can’t care about her sick father as much as the family cares for his mother. The disagreement explodes, and Chun-hui leaves her husband on the sidewalk. When they get to the mother-in-law’s place, her daughter Yu-bin lies about her educational success; she’s gotten used to lying like her mother. You can see that it dawns on Chun-hui that she’s letting her daughter down.

The ending

At school, Dong-seok presents a report on language, but he freezes. He looks anxious, and he runs out of the class. Eun-pyo chases after her son. When she catches him, she sees he has urinated on himself. Her husband believes she has pushed their son too far.

As the episode ends, both Eun-pyo and Chun-hui feel a sense of failure as parents. Eun-pyo finds her son hiding with a paper bag over his head under the table. Eun-pyo grows impatient and rips the bag off, but in return, her son bites her and then cries.

Additional points

  • Yun-ju tells Eun-pyo that Chun-hui is her husband’s ex-girlfriend.
  • With her son failing at an academy, Chun-hui assures her son that she will find him another academy. Heartbreakingly, the son believes he is terrible at everything and that his mother is unhappy because of him.

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