The Wilds season 2 – do Shelby and Toni break-up or stay together?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Do Shelby and Toni break-up or stay together in The Wilds season 2 - amazon original series

This article, “do Shelby and Toni break-up or stay together,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s The Wilds season 2.

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By the end of season 2, #SHONI is in full swing, giving one of the most loving, enjoyable, and romantic storylines in teen dramas. We all adore the relationship between Shelby and Toni. They are adorable together, and their relationship only grows stronger in season 2.

However, writers are sometimes cruel, and near the end of season 2, they throw a challenge at the couple. With Shelby feeling anxious about Toni nearly getting killed by a fallen tree, she confesses she saw a boat near the island, but instead of calling out to it, she froze. By the time she got her head together, the boat had gone. She admits she was fearing returning home, where her ultra-religious and homophobic family would not agree with her relationship with Toni.

Now, at first, Toni does not seem irked by this revelation by her partner. After all, Shelby froze — she didn’t deliberately compromise the group. She understands that her partner made a mistake.

But, when Martha, her best friend, ends up having a psychotic episode and ends up in a catatonic state, Toni grows despondent to Shelby’s attempts to communicate with her.

Do Shelby and Toni break-up or stay together in The Wilds season 2?

Later on, Shelby’s intuition tells her that Toni blames her for her friend’s recent state. Shelby talks to Toni without expecting a response, wondering what they can do to return to their normal dynamic.

Shelby’s behavior after this brief, but emotional scene suggests that they have broken up. But if it is, it’s an unspoken break-up. Shelby proceeds to cut her hair to suggest it is a fresh start. Whether that means she is going to better herself for Toni or move on, is not clear, but she is trying her best to make amends.

So, it’s not 100% certain whether or not they break up, but we are treated to a dream of Shelby in season 2 — in the future, she’s a singer and Toni watches her from the audience, smiling. This could be a trick from the writers. It’s possible this is a glimpse into their future.

We desperately hope this is not the end of #SHONI. We think the writers will offer some hope for them in season 3.

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