The Wilds season 2 – is Nora dead or alive?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Is Nora dead or alive in The Wilds season 2 - amazon original series

This article, “is Nora dead or alive,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s The Wilds season 2.

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The start of The Wilds season 2 is grim and dark. The girls are all grieving on the island. They are depressed and downbeat, not knowing what to do with themselves. Rachel is unsure what to do with herself as she goes through the cycle of grief. There’s an assumption that Nora, Rachel’s sister, is dead. It’s one of the core stories of season 2 as Rachel navigates the island with a part of herself missing. An assumed massive hole in her life.

Nora barely surfaces in season 2 in flashbacks. She’s a noticeable omission from most episodes, and she is missed. After all, she was quite a significant character that went through the motions in season 1. We’d argue that her potential death was a big deal for the series, with the writers giving the shock value to the viewers.

Is Nora dead or alive in The Wilds season 2?

Very late in season 2, it’s revealed that Nora is pretty much alive and well, and while the viewers will strongly suspect she is, the girls on the island are unknowing of this fact. But what does it mean for Nora?

Late into season 2, Gretchen tells Leah how much Nora has grown, hinting that the character may have dramatically changed. Season 3 may bring a different Nora. There’s little said about the character and what she represents anymore. Does she work for Nora now? Or will she form part of Leah’s revolution against Gretchen’s experiment?

As season 2 comes to a close, Rachel has a strong intuition that her sister is alive, which brings a heartwarming conclusion to the grieving arc. Let’s hope the sisters’ reunion is a fruitful one in season 3.

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