The Wilds season 2 – who are the boys?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Who are the boys in The Wilds season 2 - amazon original series

This article, “who are the boys,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s The Wilds season 2.

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In The Wilds season 2, the writers decided to introduce a new set of characters that are experiencing the same experiment. Season 1 brought the girls, so season 2 brings the boys. The boys go through an identical experience, where their plane crashes, and they have to fight for survival.

Who are the boys in The Wilds season 2?

Let’s break down each new character.


Kirin is the typical high school athlete jockey with a temper. The Toni-equivalent if you will. Throughout season 2 he tries to be the leader of the boys, but he has many confrontations on the way. Kirin’s main enemy on the island seems to be Ivan, but it’s not explained why until later in season 2. While it’s easy to judge Kirin in the early stages of his story, it’s clear he has a heart and wants the best for people.


In his flashbacks, Ivan is a strong activist, and he finds himself fighting for social injustices in school, with one of them impacting Kirin (which is why they are enemies). As an openly gay character, Ivan is passionate about fighting for who you are. On the island, Ivan has a couple of clashes with Kirin, as they navigate their unresolved issues with each other.

Scotty and Bo

Yes, it’s best to describe these two characters at the same time because they are “two peas in a pod.” Best friends off the island, these two live by the “ride or die” mentality as flashbacks show they root for each other through the hardest of times. On the island, their friendship is tested, especially because sticking together “as a two” isn’t the greatest strategy. Scotty and Bo are loyal friends, and it would be hard to split them up.


Rafael is the first character season 2 focuses on. A character that comes from a poor working-class family, but is in a relationship with a girl from a wealthy family. In his flashbacks, he is unsure of his girlfriend’s commitment, and he’s at odds with his family about values and principles. On the island, he struggles to fit in, and he clashes with Kirin early on.


Little is said about Henry. He is the stepbrother of Seth, so they have a complicated history. However, apart from Henry coming across as the “nerd” of the group, little about what he represents is said. He has a complicated relationship with his mother, desperate for her love, which becomes important later in season 2.


We will not spoil too much here, but Seth is the most impactful character amongst the boys, but all for the wrong reasons. With a broken childhood and an obsessive nature toward human connections, Seth is the center of a critical moment in season 2 that changes the dynamic of the group of boys.

Seth is the character to look out for.

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