Barry season 3, episode 3 recap – “ben mendelsohn”

May 9, 2022
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This recap of HBO’s Barry season 3, episode 3, contains spoilers.

The Law of Humanity takes center stage tonight as Barry and Gene film their scenes on the hit show. Gene’s work with Barry so touches the producers that they reward him with a line. Gene, who is only doing this to save his family, has Barry alone and ruminates over what happened between them.

Gene realizes the monologue Barry recited for him was genuine. When he repeated it at the dinner table, it was what set things in motion for Janice. As Barry keeps talking, Gene is taken back because Barry is telling him if it wasn’t for Gene, he wouldn’t have made the strides he has without him. Barry compares his situation with Gene’s. They are both being given second chances. And look! Gene now has a line in a hit show.

Barry then says, “You’re welcome,” showing he still has trouble reading the room and acting like a human being.

Case in point, Fuches calls him and is worried because Hank told him Barry has fallen on hard times. Fuches apologizes and expects one in return. Barry should have offered one back because Fuches is a spiteful, revengeful b*****d. He doesn’t. He tells Fuches he made things up with Gene and forgives him for killing Janice.

See what I mean?

No-Ho Hank puts his operation plan, titled “Fuches is a Patsy”, into action. He doesn’t want to go, or he doesn’t buy it, so he wants to stay in Chechnia and be a goat farmer. When Hank mentions Barry, you can tell he still hasn’t let this go. So, the Batir says they must go on a suicide mission. Instead, Hank calls Barry since he is looking for a purpose. He wants to hire Barry to wipe out the Bolivians. Of course, not Cristobal.

Batir starts to pick up on Hank’s inconsistencies. He hires the man that killed most of their coworkers. This is a change from wanting to use Fuches. Also, Hank wants everyone killed, but Cristobal? He walks away, and Hank seems to know his time is running out.

Sally is doing the rounds of interviews. All entertainment journalists play up women’s empowerment so much that it comes across as inauthentic. They laugh at all her jokes, and we know Sally isn’t intentionally funny. They also keep asking who they think the next Spider-Man should be! Who does Sally suggest? The great Ben Mendelsohn, of course.

Back on the set, Zack from Saved by the Bell plays Hue Manity, the main character of the Laws of Humanity. They play the first scene, and Gene goes off-script. As the scene plays out, Barry’s character apologizes to Gene’s character for killing his wife. He stands up, slaps Barry in the face, and tells him to stay away from his family. Gene walks out of the building furious, then scared, and starts to run.

The ending

The episode ends with Fuches’ new girlfriend telling him a farming fable. One is about a farmer who took over the land, killing the ones who owned it. A mystical creature then visits the lost souls and tells them they can go to heaven or seek vengeance.

Guess which path Fuches will pick?

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