Candy season 1, episode 3 recap – “Overkill”

May 11, 2022
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The motives for murder are revealed in this foreboding episode that focuses more on the drama while neglecting the crime. Fingers crossed, we can now return to the tense thrills of the premiere.

This recap of the Hulu series Candy season 1, episode 3, “Overkill,” contains spoilers.

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The mystery and the overall hook behind the opening episode of Candy was the motive. Why would Candy, a loving mother and wife, want to kill her seemingly innocent neighbourhood friend? In part two, the filmmakers hinted at the possible cause and with episode three, “Overkill”, the motive seems firmly set on one certain factor. Candy was having an affair with Betty’s husband Allan. The third instalment of Hulu’s crime drama addresses this meticulously planned affair in detail, whilst Betty struggles with her own marriage and a second pregnancy.

Candy season 1, episode 3 recap

This calculated and no-nonsense affair is planned in the opening scene. Candy and Allan set out the pros and cons of this adulterous activity in list form and set out the ground rules. It’s a very frank discussion that comes across emotionless and quite vindictive. They decide to meet once a week at a motel and promise to stop if either of them starts to feel an emotional connection. As the affair develops, those phone conversations from episode one start to take on a different meaning, with viewers reassessing the duo’s every interaction.

Candy not only wants to have her cake and eat it, but also chooses to flaunt this new love affair to a close companion and befriends poor Betty in the process. It’s a dangerous and tangled game she’s playing, although the housewife manages to juggle these many conflicting scenarios with ease. The motel rendezvouses continue in passionate fashion, whilst the couple go about their daily routines with a renewed energy. Things are going exactly to plan until Candy starts to feel an attachment to Allan and decides to call the whole affair off.

The ending

The Gores begin marriage counselling and Candy hosts Betty’s baby shower. At this party, Betty is the centre of attention, showered with gifts and compliments about her blooming physique. Candy watches on as her smug friend talks about her successful marriage and new friendships. It’s an awkward encounter, heightened by the possibility that Candy will let her dirty little secret slip in a jealous tirade at any moment. The housewife bites her tongue, yet the affair is quickly ended. A desperate Candy, longing for something more, goes partying with a friend as the episode comes to a conclusion.

Both episode two and three have ended with references to the bloody axe murder weapon. “Happy Wife, Happy Life” had the axe mentioned in courtroom dialogue and “Overkill” pans down to the killing instrument in the final scene. By reverting back to the brutal killing, it feels like the filmmakers are refreshing your memory, as if you’d forgotten the murder already, eager for you to keep watching at the promise of more carnage. Candy was set up as a murder investigation, yet it has spent quality time on building a motive and character instead. The drama has been engaging, but hopefully there will be a move to much more entertaining plotting in the final two instalments.

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