Candy season 1, episode 4 recap – “Cover Girl”

By Adam Lock
Published: May 12, 2022
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Hulu series Candy season 1, episode 4 - Cover Girl


The police start to piece together the evidence while Candy covers her tracks. It’s a tense and emotional installment with a relentless energy to it.

This recap of the Hulu series Candy season 1, episode 4, “Cover Girl,” contains spoilers.

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Every murder case needs a trial and with episode four, “Cover Girl”, the Hulu original finally gets around to theirs. The backstories are complete and the body has been uncovered, so we can now get down to the real drama of the piece. This chapter teases the infamous eighties trial and explores the fallout of that horrific murder in closer detail. It’s an emotional and tense offering that features a surprising guest appearance that the press team have valiantly kept under wraps. Remember, there are spoilers ahead.

Candy season 1, episode 4 recap

The filmmakers decide to open with what appears to be an innocent sequence. Pat Montgomery (played by Veep’s Timothy Simons) misses his wife, who’s away for the night, so he flicks through old photographs and love letters. Unfortunately, he discovers one hand written card, which is written by the treacherous Allan Gore. Then, the series cuts to the trial and Pat is at the stand. He explains how he blames himself for the affair and that he believes Candy is a non-violent person. Episode four focuses on the two main men in Candy’s life, Pat and Allan, both blissfully ignorant of her actions, who slowly start suspecting her of those unforgivable actions as the trial unfolds.

“Cover Girl” introduces us to Deputy Steve Deffibaugh, portrayed by Jessica Biel’s real-life husband and all-round creative heavyweight Justin Timberlake. Props to whoever kept that one quiet. His guest appearance makes for quite the surprise. The Deputy arrives late on the scene, snapping photographs for evidence. He spots a footprint and handprint coated in blood. The crime scene highlights the inefficiency of the killer, who Steve says, ‘half-assed’ the clean-up, left the murder weapon behind and then took a shower.

Candy wakes up the morning after in a stunned daze and Allan returns home to be met by the press, equally numb. He is questioned by the Deputy and lies about his affair. Pablo Schreiber (of Orange Is the New Black and Halo fame) plays it subtle, still in shock himself, unsure what to think. The Deputy explains how his wife wasn’t shot and that the clues all point to someone close to Betty committing the heinous act, but Allan can’t provide a possible name. When Christina (Betty’s daughter) is then reunited with her father, it makes for a heart-breaking scene, as the two cry in each other’s arms. The actuality of this murder starts to sink in, the family has lost a mother and a wife. There’s further emotion at a touching funeral service, with Betty’s grieving, angry parents. In addition to all this heartache, Allan struggles to cope with this new found role as the breadwinner and now a single parent too.

The ending

The Gores mourn Betty’s passing, whilst the police begin their investigation. Candy is an instant suspect and Deputy Deffibaugh interrogates her at the station. They photograph her feet and fingers, asking if she’ll take a polygraph test too. Candy retaliates by cutting up her shoes and confessing to her lawyer in private. The show slowly builds tension throughout “Cover Girl” towards that raucous finale. This is a professionally made, prestigious TV, with a highly anticipated finale coming tomorrow. Please return for further analysis and a final verdict this Friday.

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