The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 6 recap – “Brothers and Sisters”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: May 12, 2022
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HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 6


As Sharon Stone makes her grand entrance, The Flight Attendant continues to please. With a minor death occurring, past enemies may be allies, while one-time allies may actually be enemies. It’s exciting stuff!

This recap of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 6, “Brothers and Sisters,” contains spoilers.

The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 6 recap

After Annie finds a drunk/hungover Cassie, Annie doesn’t judge. Instead, she requests that Cassie starts to tell the truth about her drinking. Their conversation ends when Benjamin appears. So, to help Cassie, Annie distracts Benjamin as Cassie quietly leaves. But as Cassie does so, she spots the man with the glass eye, Jim Jones, waiting nearby.

Finding herself forced to visit her father’s grave with Davey, Cassie tells Davey about her recent troubles. Meanwhile, Megan sneaks up on her son Levi. And this is when she learns that Bill, her husband and Levi’s father, lost his job and had to sell the house as a result of Megan fleeing from the government. Cassie visits her father’s grave, and whilst she blames him for her alcoholism, she forgives him at the same time. Meanwhile, as Annie & Max have a mini heart-to-heart, the blonde double sneaks into the house and plants “evidence”.

Dot scolds Benjamin for not doing his job and advises him to seek counseling before, once again, warning him to leave Cassie alone. Whilst Shane pieces everything together and realizes that Benjamin is trying to seek if there’s any evidence that Cassie could be dangerous, aka the blonde double. After visiting their father’s grave, Davey tricks Cassie and their mother, Lisa (Sharon Stone), into coming face to face. Although Cassie remains quiet, Lisa mentions that she had a break-in not so long ago.

As tensions rise, Lisa reveals that she doesn’t trust Cassie, nor does she have the emotional space for her. In return, Cassie apologizes for being a sh*ty daughter and for stealing money out of her purse. But Lisa isn’t mad for what Cassie did as a child; what Cassie did as an adult hurts her. And Lisa recalls when after being invited to see her, Cassie forgot all about her. Not only that, but Cassie got a DUI and then nearly burnt the house down. In a final blow for Cassie, Lisa reveals that whilst she loves Cassie, she doesn’t like her. And then comes the unexpected slap we’ve been waiting for. (In case you didn’t know, that slap was unscripted, so Cassie’s reaction was genuine.)

The ending

Back to Megan, and after Levi reunites her with Bill, he reveals that the FBI has threatened him. So, Megan has no choice but to leave, as Bill calls the FBI. As Lisa sobs in the car outside, Cassie realizes that the break-in is linked to her. And then, Dot calls her and claims that she knows that what Cassie saw in Berlin is linked to the analyst in L.A. Dot claims to have doubts about Benjamin and asks to meet Cassie in half an hour. But, of course, as Cassie is away, she can’t. In return, Dot, unaware that Benjamin is watching her, asks Cassie to be careful.

When Cassie realizes that armed men are watching her, she and Davey flee. But luckily, Davey sets off a firework and blows up a truck. The distraction allows Cassie and Davey to make it back to the plane safely. On the plane, with a little help from Davey, Cassie learns that the registration number is from a boat. And who is at that very boat? Jim Jones, the man with the glass eye. But the episode ends just as the blonde double shoots him in the eye.

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