The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 3 recap – a journey to Iceland!

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 28, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 3


The mystery of Megan continues, and, as one would expect, The Flight Attendant continues to be as wild, bonkers, and hilarious as ever. I’m sure there’s a welcome return, which won’t be the last, as Cassie makes an eventful trip to Iceland. 

This recap of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 3, contains spoilers.

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The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 3 recap

As Cassie tries to unravel Megan’s emoji chain, Annie is too busy washing her hair to help. Whilst Grace is on her way to Berlin, Cassie claims she is on her way to Iceland. In reality, Cassie needs to switch tickets with Carol. When Carol doesn’t give up her ticket, Cassie threatens her over her knowledge of “buddy passes” and her image as “black market Karen”. And just like that, Cassie gets her tickets! When on the flight, it just so happens that Shane is on the flight, aka the other flight attendant who is also a CIA agent.

Meanwhile, unaware of Cassie’s latest trip, Marco waits for her. Having just arrived in Iceland, Cassie realizes that nearly everyone there has blond hair. So much for keeping a lookout for her double, eh?! When the time comes for Annie to meet Max’s parents, she takes off her engagement ring. But, they are (un)blissfully unaware that Gabrielle and Esteban are watching them. And during the “family dinner”, Annie freaks out and hardly makes a good impression on her part.

Whilst in Iceland, Cassie bumps into Shane, who, naturally, is suspicious of her motives for being in Iceland. Forced into going for a brandy (and a sheep’s head), Cassie learns that her card has been declined. Just as the Blonde Double buys equipment that could be used to hack bodies. As the stress causes Cassie to want a drink, she catches Shane spying on her. He reminds her that Megan is a fugitive, but his main goal is to stop her from being killed as someone called Hawk is after her.

The ending

When Benjamin speaks to Dot about Cassie, Dot warns him to stop being so fixated on her. Does he have a little crush? After Cassie attends AA in Iceland, another attendee mentions that he met someone from Long Island. Megan perhaps? Annie and Max argue over her behavior during dinner. That argument ends when Gabrielle and Esteban knock them both out. As Cassie unravels the emoji code, she heads toward a bar and finds Megan working there. But Megan isn’t happy to see her. She claims that Cassie being there will get both of them killed.

Well, it looks like we’re finally about to receive answers in regards to Megan. And it doesn’t exactly sound like she and Cassie are in the safest of situations. Even so, I doubt that any serious harm with come to either of them. But it’s good to have Megan back, and hopefully, she’s here for a while

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