The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 2 recap – is Megan in danger?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 21, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 2


This episode, much like the season opener, is quirky, fun, bizarre, and yet it is so easy to get into.

This recap of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 2, contains spoilers.

The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 2 recap

After opening her suitcase in the previous episode, Cassie decides to tell Annie and Max that she works as a civilian asset for the CIA. As Annie smells an expensive perfume on the wig, Benjamin calls Cassie and informs her that she has a debrief in Berlin the next day. Whilst in bed, Cassie begins to wonder whether Grace could be involved in Will’s death. And so, Cassie invites Grace out shopping. Grace claims that she is baking. However, Cassie catches Grace out in the lie and decides to follow Grace.

As Annie goes to an interview, Cassie’s tailing leads her to a farmers market where she nearly bumps into her brother Davey. When Cassie attends an open AA meeting, which Davey also attends, Cassie brushes off his claim that he saw her at the market. After managing to get an invite to Grace’s flat, she spies on her in the shower. She learns that Grace does not have a back tattoo, and as Grace supplies drugs for cancer patients, Cassie believes that Grace isn’t the “blonde woman”. And since she can’t smell the expensive perfume, it also appears to rule out Grace.

Meanwhile, Davey goes out with Jenny. As for Jenny, she makes her own podcast and wants him to be a guest star. After Annie’s job interview goes terribly, she and Max help Cassie investigate the “blonde woman”. They’re completely unaware that the “blonde woman” is actually nearby and photographs the trip.

The ending

Cassie, Marco, Annie, and Max all go out for lunch. During lunch, Annie berates Cassie for going to Grace’s flat, despite the danger that it could bring. But Cassie still has reason to worry, as she suggests that it could be anyone, literally anyone, who is attempting to set him up for Will’s death. As Marco asks Cassie to move in with him, Megan’s son calls her. He says that he hasn’t heard from Megan in a year, but she sent him a Snapchat out of the blue. As a result, Cassie tries to call Megan, but she is unable to reach her.

As the episode ends, Annie and Max find Esteban attempting to get into their place. Gabrielle steps outside, and she and Esteban claim that he must have got mixed up as all the buildings look the same. In reality, Gabrielle has a gun behind her back, and the Airbnb owners are tied up in a closet.

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