The Ending of ‘Billy the Kid’ Season 2 Keeps Billy and His Story Alive

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 30, 2024
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Billy the Kid Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained
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Billy the Kid Season 2 ends with Billy still alive and on the run, so there’s plenty of grounds for Season 3 if MGM+ wills it.

The ending of Billy the Kid Season 2 revolves around a peace agreement, which is a pretty hilarious concept when you consider how many people die in it. But the most important takeaway is that Billy the Kid himself is still breathing by the end of Episode 8, “An Invitation”, so Season 3 is a pretty likely bet.

Who wants peace, anyway? You can’t build a compelling Western around everyone being mates, so while it’s no surprise that none of the efforts toward making amends here amounted to anything of substance, it’s probably a good thing in the long run.

The Peace Agreement

The idea for a ceasefire is floated by Thomas Catron, who realized – quite rightly – that the ongoing war isn’t benefitting anyone. Eventually, the Regulators and the House will just keep killing each other until no side has any men left, and there are no buildings still standing in Lincoln County to do business in.

So, Catron pushes for a peace agreement through Edgar Waltz, and the surprising thing is that both sides initially agree to it. Hands are shaken. Drinks are bought. There’s a fleeting feeling of revelry as everyone begins to feel, for the first time since the war started, that it might have come to an end.

But Riley isn’t having that. After convincing a bunch of the men to join him for supper, he just so happens to run into McSween’s wife’s lawyer in the street. And Riley, sensing an opportunity, shoots him dead. Billy quickly hurries away, realizing that the promised peace isn’t going to be coming any time soon.

Billy Petitions Lew Wallace

Billy has arrived at a similar conclusion to Catron, so he turns to Lincoln County’s new governor, Lew Wallace. There’s a sense that Wallace might be sympathetic to the Regulators after firing Dudley for taking sides, so Billy writes to him to offer himself as a witness to some of the House’s crimes. If he’s protected legally, he’ll spill the beans.

Wallace is all for this and agrees to meet Billy. They quickly hash out terms and it looks like a done deal, but when Billy leaves he’s immediately ambushed by Garrett and his men. It was all a setup.

For some reason, Billy didn’t foresee this, and he ends up behind bars.

Billy the Kid Season 2 Ends With Billy Free and Alive

I’m not going to say that Garrett knew Dulcinea was going to break Billy out of jail, but I reckon he had a suspicion.

Garrett knows Billy, and he knows that House hasn’t played by the rules. He knows, fundamentally, that Billy has defended himself and stood up for people, whereas the House has repeatedly committed atrocities and moved to further their interests. Garrett wants to be a just and honest lawman, but he’s gradually realizing that this world has no use for such a thing.

With Wallace taking all the credit for what we learn was Garrett’s plan, Garrett has enough reasons to allow Dulcinea to spring Billy that it’s worth suggesting he saw it coming.

Either way, Dulcinea helps Billy break out, and Season 2 ends with him free and alive (for now), though the war for Lincoln County is still ongoing. Garrett will likely be more determined than ever to bring Billy in, this time on his own terms, but we’re likely going to get another season out of the whole thing before they have their final confrontation.

At this point, why not?

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