The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 4 recap – there’s trouble ahead

April 28, 2022
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HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 4


Another character returns in The Flight Attendant. While this return wasn’t announced before air, many had already guessed the show wouldn’t return without at least a cameo from this particular character.

This recap of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 4, contains spoilers.

The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 4 recap

After Megan kicks out all of the customers, she explains to Cassie that she did not want Cassie to come to Iceland. As for her emoji chain, she was asking Cassie to take the key (for a lockbox with evidence against the North Koreans) to her friend Cherry who works at a Long Island hotel. As there is a $500,000 prize on Megan’s head, Megan and her friend, Charlie, plan to kill the Hawk. As Charlie prepares to poison, Jenny calls Cassie, and that call forewarns Hawk to Cassie and Megan. When it could be game over for Cassie and Megan, Miranda returns(!), and she stabs the Hawk to death.

As Annie and Max try to untie themselves, Esteban demands to know where Cassie is. As Gabrielle threatens Max and Annie, Annie pours her heart out to Max whilst slipping that she works for the mob. But, whilst it gains the interest of Gabrielle, she still threatens to kill them both. Jenny continues to call Cassie and talks, yet again, about her podcast. Once Gabrielle and Esteban learn that Cassie is in Iceland, they leave Max and Annie alone and, more importantly, alive. Although they do warn, “call the police, and we’ll kill you.”

After Miranda’s assistant, Cecilia, shops the gang into the baddies, Cassie and Miranda fight for their lives. And after they successfully defend themselves, they decide to find a boat. Shortly afterwards, the gang, consisting of Cassie, Miranda, Megan, and Charlie, sail away.

The ending

The gang next makes it to the helicopter, where Charlie departs. But not before she gives Megan some mushroom poison (just in case). As Shane leads the case after Hawk’s body gets uncovered, Annie learns that those mo********ers (Gabrielle and Esteban) took her ring. So, she and Max sneak into the house opposite to try and find it. But instead, they find the elderly couple tied up in a cupboard.

When Miranda reunites with her traitorous assistant Cecilia, Cassie asks whether she knows her as she looks so familiar. Cecilia claims that they’ve never met. Once Miranda gives Megan a new passport, she gifts Cassie with a box of gifts such as olive oil and a personal safety alarm.

As she arrives back in America, Cassie learns that two bodies have been found in Echo Park. To keep Megan safe, she forces her to stay at her sponsor Brenda’s place. From Max’s research, he, Cassie, and Annie guess that it’s the Blonde Double that’s committed the murders. Upon deciding that it’s time to tell the CIA about the situation, Cassie goes to see Benjamin. He, however, is drunk. It just so happens that the two murder victims were two CIA analysts. Cassie holds his hand, and they have sex.

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