The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 – who is Lorna Taylor?

By Marc Miller
Published: May 13, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Who is Lorna Taylor in season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer - netflix series

This article, “who is Lorna Taylor,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 1.

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Becki Newton plays Lorna, the ex-wife of Mickey Haller and his current office manager. Newton usually plays an adorable blonde that everyone underestimates in television series. She has carved a niche in Hollywood from Love Bites, The Goodwin Games, and Ugly Betty. Here, in The Lincoln Lawyer, she is not necessarily underestimated but is a valued member of the team in the law firm of Haller, Haller, & Haller. A real diamond in the rough. She asks good questions, is open and honest without a sense of shame at asking novice questions, and shows the ambition of anyone half her age. The former law student, who dropped out when sexually harassed by one of her professors, gets things done.

So, that begs the question:

Who is Lorna Taylor in season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Lorna is the ex-wife of Mickey Haller (his second marriage) and works as his office manager/assistant. Is she carrying a torch? No, because she is engaged to Haller’s private investigator, Cisco.

What does Lorna Taylor do?

Lorna is as good a person as they come. Case in point, she tells him of a meeting she didn’t know he had even though he has no law practice left to speak of. Throughout the season, every time she meets Mickey before an important meeting or case, she watches him walk away like she is dropping her kids off at school for the first time. She never gives up on Mickey, even after his rehab.

Throughout the season, Lorna shows initiative by asking questions the jury would be asking themselves and investigating Cisco. She interviews Jan’s lover, which gives Haller a lead on potential suspects. She also convinces Gloria, a witness who was harassed by the cops and disappeared during the Jesus Menendez case, to testify for Haller so they can set his former client free.

At the end of the season, we see Lorna signing up for law school to finish her degree.

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