Night Sky season 1 – What are the secrets of the alien portal?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 20, 2022
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Night Sky season 1 – What are the secrets of the alien portal - amazon prime series

This article, “What are the secrets of the alien portal” contains spoilers regarding Amazon Prime Video’s Night Sky season 1.

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The main gimmick of Night Sky is this alien portal that whisks you off to a viewing platform with an awe-inspiring panorama of alien planets and faraway constellations. Irene and Franklin York discovered this mysterious device buried underneath their garden decades ago and have contemplated its otherworldly meaning ever since. This sci-fi heavy concept begs many a question, hiding a galaxy of secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Let’s deep dive into these mysterious secrets and try to clarify what this alien portal exactly is.

Night Sky season 1 – What are the secrets of the alien portal?

The journey to the stars involves a few processes. The participant using this alien portal must first slide open the smooth, alien door and then enter the teleportation chamber. Here the device transfers you from humble earth to an elaborate viewing platform. This device is powered by a magical, glowing orb that is stored within the mechanism. If the orb is removed, the device no longer works. Symbols can be keyed into the device to establish a specific location. Gabe (Jude’s father) drew these symbols in a book, which Jude uses to teleport to Bangkok. Stella also controls the device and can pinpoint a location too. The Yorks are unaware of this and continually teleport to the same destination every time. Their naivety and ignorance is actually quite sweet, making the scenario more plausible. They accept the mystery for what it is, although Irene is dying to figure it all out.

Once you are teleported to your destination you step out from the chamber and walk into your new location. The magical journey causes most participants to vomit, with Franklin and Byron proving this throughout the series. The Yorks exit their device and walk into the viewing platform. It’s a home from home for the pensioners who keep books and belongings there. They sit and enjoy the view, mentally analyzing all its meaning and possibilities. There’s a doorway that leads out onto the planet’s surface. They experimented with mice out in the alien air, but apparently the creatures perished. In the final two episodes, Byron and then later Franklin and Irene step out into the unknown. They discover that the alien air is breathable and the world is actually inhabited by Jude’s old cult community.

Stella and Toni have their very own portal in Argentina, which they use to teleport to America when hunting for Jude. Their portal is very similar to the York’s, proving there are many of these devices all over the world. Jude states that they are like interlinked doorways. It’s very handy to be able to teleport to all the corners of the planet and even to alien ones too. We’re unsure how the cult benefits from this power, but they definitely use them to hop around the universe whenever they so desire. The speed of travel is a useful tool, but there has to be other benefits. I’d guess that there is a lot more at play than has yet been revealed on Night Sky. Possibly some alien race is involved or the portals lead to other planets and greater riches.

What do you think is the purpose of these alien portals? How does the community benefit from them? Please comment below.

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