Night Sky season 1 – Why is Jude being hunted?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 20, 2022
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Night Sky season 1 – Why is Jude being hunted - amazon prime video series

This article, “Why is Jude being hunted” contains spoilers regarding Amazon Prime Video’s Night Sky season 1.

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A mysterious man appears in the York’s alien viewing platform with emotional battle scars and a completely wiped memory. As time passes by, Irene and Franklin become accustomed to this stranger and offer to hire him as their live-in caretaker. The drifter quickly acclimatizes, playing a major role in their lives. He becomes part of the furniture, so to speak, supporting them and asking for their help in return. The amnesiac slowly, hesitantly reveals secrets from his past and the filmmakers build a bigger picture of who this man is and where he comes from. Jude is a runaway, hunted down by trained assassins, but why exactly do they track him like prey? What has this man done in his murky past?

Night Sky season 1 – Why is Jude being hunted?

Jude’s past is eked out over the course of the eight episode season. He was a member of the cult community over on the alien planet, unaware of earth’s customs and cultures. He had a tough upbringing and longs to find his missing father Gabe. Jude escapes from the clutches of the cult and uses the York’s alien portal to return to earth. He was chased as he fled the alien world and killed a man in self-defense. Irene nurses him back to health and once he’s recovered, Jude starts to cover his tracks. The drifter removes a tracking device from his leg and disables the alien portal, so the community can’t trace him to Illinois. Jude then buries the glowing orb that facilitates the teleportation device, hoping to evade capture.

Things don’t exactly go to plan though and the cult send a Guardian to hunt Jude down. Crime boss Cornelius assigns mother Stella to this vital task and she takes her daughter Toni along for the ride. Stella is a gullible assassin, who blindly follows orders without hesitation. She accepts the assignment and prepares for a deadly encounter. The Argentinian is equipped with weaponry and tracking gear, using the American Nick to help locate the ‘apostate’. It doesn’t take too long for Jude’s whereabouts to lead the Argentinians to Farnsworth.

Stella never really questions why she is hunting Jude. All she knows is he is their target and that he is a traitor. The deserter isn’t given another seconds thought, he is their prey and must be stopped. But why would the cult community want to kill any defectors? It seems a tad extreme. We know that there are plenty of these runaways, with Stella and her father entrusted with stopping them. Hannah and Gabe have clearly escaped the cult and managed to evade the Guardians, so it is possible to survive this assault.

My theory is that the cult have many dark secrets entwined with the alien world and these alien chambers. They don’t want any of their secrets making their way into the wrong hands. They don’t want to lose these powers or relinquish their alien devices. This small community may in fact be quite vulnerable to attack and would struggle to defend themselves against the strength of, say an army or nation’s government. In killing the runaways they hope to restore some order to the cult and keep their secrets safe for another decade or so. Who knows what twisted and evil rituals take place in this cult, but there is talk of sacrifices. Those with a conscience may defect as they disagree with the horrible actions that take place in this mysterious community. What do you think is the purpose of the cult? Why do they kill traitors? Please comment below.

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