Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 7 recap – “One of Your Own”

By Kira Comerford
Published: May 20, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 7 - One of Your Own


Reverberations following last week’s shooting are still being felt across the LAPD, as is the fallout from Carl Rogers’ death.

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 7, “One of Your Own,” contains spoilers.

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Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 7 recap

After Paulina’s shooting in episode 6, Bosch: Legacy episode 7, “One of Your Own,” kicks off with a briefing room get-together for all of the officers assigned to the case to catch the suspect, James Sharp. It’s an incident that the entire department is still reeling from, Maddie especially given her friendship with Paulina and, of course, her own history with gun crime.

Meanwhile, in Chandler attends another therapy session, and it becomes clear that she’s struggling to come to terms with her attack even more now that Carl Rogers is dead. He was something for her to channel her feelings about it all towards, and now, with him no longer in the picture, it’s like they have nowhere to go. She’s worried that without that focus, she’s reached the end of the road as far as her own recovery is concerned and that she’ll never again be the same person that she was prior to the shooting.

Of course, the Carl Rogers case isn’t entirely closed. There are still a few loose ends in the shape of his hired gun Datz and the Russians, who are still lingering on the outskirts of a bigger picture that Rogers was a small part of. They know that Datz has been talking to Chandler and Bosch, and as such, the hitman is a leak that they need to fix. Datz dies on the receiving end of a prison shiv, and given the heavy-handed methods Chandler used in order to obtain information from him about Rogers’ fuel pipeline plans, she immediately comes under suspicion for the hit.

As the news of Datz’s demise gets back to Chandler, Bosch is back on the ground trying to get to the bottom of who stabbed Dr. Basu in order to bury the beef Gustafason has with him about Jeffrey Herstadt walking free. He speaks with one of his former mentees in order to try and gain an insight into the kind of man Basu was in a bid to work out who might have had a motive to kill him. As he leaves, Bosch bumps into the detective with an axe to grind, who threatens to arrest Bosch if he doesn’t stop digging into the Basu case, which is like showing a red rag to a bull, and naturally Bosch continues is pursuit for the real killer.

Elsewhere, Maddie and Vasquez are on the beat, grabbing coffee and donuts when a call about an attempted rape in Thai town comes over the radio. Vasquez doesn’t take the call, but agrees with Maddie that they should compare notes with the attending officers later on, which reveals details that suggest this report is related to the rape case they attended a few weeks ago.

Like a dog with a bone, Bosch continues to follow up with everyone known to be connected in some way or another to the Basu case. He speaks with a witness who was questioned the night of the murder, and learns that some of what he told the investigating officer – Gustafason – was left out of the official report.

Also being questioned by this point is Chandler, who is treated to a visit by the FBI who know about her links to Datz and the potential connection to his murder. The particularly pointed questions get Chandler’s back up, as they relate to information that was suppose to be privileged. She gives Bosch the heads up that he could be next on their interview list, and she’s not wrong. They catch up with him pretty quickly, and being his usual diplomatic self, Bosch earns himself a trip in their car for a more formal conversation.

Meanwhile, it emerges that James Sharp is on the run with his girlfriend and they are in desperate need of money. This provides the police with an opportunity to set up a trap in order to catch Sharp and ensure he’s punished for shooting Paulina. Around the same time that this scheme is being put together, Maddie is contacted by the original rape victim who is after some updates on how her case is coming along as she’s heard nothing from the investigative team. Maddie slips up when she says something that suggests Paulina’s shooting has been prioritised over all crimes against civilians – something which could come back on her later.

With the FBI circling, Chandler is desperate to find a lead that points the finger of suspicion away from her in the Datz murder. After speaking with the client she is suspected of contacting about ordering the hit, it is revealed that the rumour circulating on the inside is it was the Russians who took out Datz because they knew that he was in conversation with Chandler – a development that is certainly cause for mild concern for her at the very least.

After being released by the FBI, Bosch gets a call from Dominick Santanello’s Navy buddy who has managed to remember the name of the newspaper that Nick’s girlfriend worked for, giving Bosch something new to work on in relation to identifying her. He heads to the main office to trawl through their archives in the hope that he might find a name, which he does – Gabriela Lida. However, before making this move, Bosch is also paid a visit by police who seem to be on payroll at Vance Engineering owing to how obstructive they’re hoping to be. Luckily, Bosch smells a rat and spins them a line that forces them to shift their eyeballs elsewhere for now. 

The ending

Now with a name to work with, Bosch tracks down Nick’s girlfriend, who tells him the story behind that beach photo that he pulled from the camera he found at his sister’s house. He learns that Gabriela never got in touch with the Santanello family as she feared they would try to take her daughter from her. When he asks where her daughter is now, Gabriela reveals that she – Vibiana – lives in the nearby arts district with her son. She agrees to take Bosch to them another time so that they can talk about his reasons for reaching out – something which he has not yet revealed. He leaves Gabriela to it for now, not knowing that the whole liaison was being watched very carefully by Vance’s head of security, Sloan.

Finally, the day has come for the trap to take down Sharp to be put into action. Maddie and Vasquez are put into position in the event that a car chase ensues, and it does when the drop doesn’t go down quite as everyone had hoped. The chase comes to an abrupt end when Sharp crashes, and when Sharp appears to pull a gun, a shootout of sorts follows, resulting in both Sharp and his girlfriend getting killed – another outcome that Maddie finds hard to stomach.

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