The Offer season 1, episode 7 recap – “Mr. Producer”

May 26, 2022
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“Mr. Producer” was good and advanced some of the stories, but it was a step back from the last few episodes as it felt more like a filler.

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“Mr. Producer” was good and advanced some of the stories, but it was a step back from the last few episodes as it felt more like a filler.

This recap of Paramount+ series The Offer season 1, episode 7, “Mr. Producer,” contains spoilers. 

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We have seen The Offer string together some incredible episodes, and I hope we continue down that path as we reach the home stretch of the series. Will Joey Gallo finally stick his nose in The Godfather filming? With things going right for the film, what will go wrong next? Let’s dive right into this week’s episode.

The Offer season 1, episode 7 recap

We see Robert head to the set location in Texas where “The Getaway” is being filmed. He arrives to see his wife on set and she is surprised. Robert realizes that she is in the room with someone else and freaks out. She gives him the business because he hasn’t been around to be there for her. Robert is not happy at all.

Colombo is getting a rundown on all the business dealings. Gallo has gone underground, the movie is running great and the trucks are moving, so Colombo is happy. We are back to Albert and Francis talking budget and production. Bettye returns with a big problem as the actor who was going to play Luca Brasi died. The crew is back on set and Brando is holding a cat in his hands that isn’t supposed to be in the scene, but Francis loves it.

Albert and Robert talk about some of the onset situations from the horse to Pacino and both are somewhat on the same page, surprisingly. Back on set, Brando and Francis are talking over the scene until Albert tells him that the higher-ups want Pacino gone ASAP.

We move to Colombo, talking to the table members about the league. They inform him they are pleased with the direction of it. However, as Colombo leaves, we see Gallo walk into the picture and throw down a magazine, which Colombo is on the cover of. Welp, Colombo is in trouble now that Gallo is going back to the family.

The shooting of The Godfather isn’t going as expected, with some people thinking Francis has lost the people on set. Gordon is losing his s**t and leaves and we see Albert chase him down to try to fix it. After the breakdown, we see the member of the set joining our crooked producer and Barry, who are cooking up a plan to make Pacino fail. Unfortunately, they got a rat on set and it is not going to go well for Albert/Francis.

Tall, dark, emotionally unstable.

Robert shows up on set to tell Albert they are going out on the town to PARTY. Unfortunately, while they are out on the town, Robert takes home a pair of twins leaving Albert at the club by himself. Albert meets the club owner, which, funny enough, woman owners of buildings tend to find their way to Albert. Next, we transition over to Bettye running into Ceasar on her way out of the office, who decides to walk her home. Someone tries to snatch Bettye’s purse as they walk, and Ceasar beats him down. At this moment, Bettye is terrified because of how he handled it.

The ending

Since they moved up the big shot for Pacino, Francis brings him in and has a heart-to-heart about killing the scene. He talks to him about finding the motivation to give the entire scene everything he has. Pacino doesn’t know they need him to knock this out of the ballpark. As Albert walks his new lady friend around the set, Charles shows up to see the scene unfold.

Things aren’t going as planned, the restaurant owner wants them out and Albert snags Ceasar to make sure he doesn’t cause a stir. Pacino pulls through and SLAYS the scene and Charles is on cloud nine over it. Finally, the producer shows up and realizes that it may be a little too late to see the demise of Pacino potentially.

Bettye goes to see Ceasar and talk out what happened and he apologizes for her having to see that. Next, a butcher throws a head of something outside and he opens it up and it’s a real horse’s head. Bettye freaks out a little.

Albert pulls Francis and Robert into a spot to tell them that Charles and Barry are up to no good. Albert figures out who did it and calls him out for showing them the dailies. Jack steps up to Albert and tells him he will do whatever he wants to do and can’t stop him. Next, Albert gets a note saying that Colombo has invited him over for dinner.

Colombo and Albert discuss business together. Albert lets him know about the happenings on set and Colombo lets him know he is taking care of things behind the scenes. I love the chemistry between these two. In addition, Teller and Risibi are both incredibly good at selling their roles throughout each episode.

What am I a f*cking priest?

As the episode comes to a close, we see Robert and Albert sitting with Charles showing him the latest scenes of Pacino. Albert loved the scenes and gave him the approval for Pacino to stay on The Godfather. Back on set, we see Francis fires the producer behind their back and Albert tells Jack he is also fired. What an incredible moment for these three. They did a BEAUTIFUL job of laying this out throughout the last few episodes.

BOOM, just when you think the episode is over, DOWN GOES COLOMBO! At the league gathering, many shots go off and as Colombo collapses, the look on Albert’s face is of disbelief.

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