Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 9 recap – “Cat Got A Name?”

May 27, 2022
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The introduction of an assassin in the Vance case proves people will do anything for billions of dollars.

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The introduction of an assassin in the Vance case proves people will do anything for billions of dollars.

This recap of Amazon Prime FreeVee series Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 9, “Cat Got A Name?,” contains spoilers.

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Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 9 recap

Bosch: Legacy’s penultimate episode, “Cat Got A Name?” opens with Vance Engineering’s hired gun creeping around Bosch’s office whilst he’s out walking the dog. She’s gathering intel, trying to find out a way to access Vibiana and her son so as to eliminate them from the claim for the Vance estate. Bosch returns before she is done, and the pair briefly cross paths but he doesn’t realise due to her cleaner’s disguise. As soon as he steps into his office, however, he can smell perfume that tells him someone has been in, and as he looks around he sees the woman hastily leaving.

Whilst Chandler personally delivers their heirs’ DNA samples to a lab, Bosch continues on with confirming the authenticity of the holographic will that was delivered to him on Vance’s instruction before he passed. He heads to his secretary Aida’s house in order to persuade her to testify to the fact that she put the will in the mail to Bosch. She is hesitant at first, but when Bosch reveals that she is down to receive $10million if the document he has can be confirmed as Vance’s last will in testament, she soon comes around to the idea.

Meanwhile, Chandler is working on the Davis wrongful death case. Gathering evidence is going well for her so far, with Mo digging up all of the video footage that could provide a 360-degree view of the shooting as it went down. Also lined up is a meeting with a lawyer from a previous case against SIS, although that doesn’t prove to be as helpful as Chandler had perhaps hoped it would be owing the fact that the defendants have a habit of coordinating their testimonies in these cases.

Following on from the break in the Thai town case last week, Maddie and Vasquez – along with the rest of the local beat cops – are being briefed on the developments and appropriate follow-ups. Vasquez is handed the lead on the case as everyone prepares to hit the streets in order to find more evidence that might lead them to identifying the screen-door cutter who was the perpetrator in the first rape case. It leads to Maddie and Vasquez rifling through trash cans in the hope that they might find something, which they do – the luchadore mask used in the crimes no less. As the one who finds it, the discovery earns Maddie some more brownie points, and also gives her something that she can update the first rape victim with.

Back with Bosch, Mo uncovers all of the prescription records relating to the Basu murder. He easily identifies the doctor guilty of dishing out the most opioid prescriptions, as highlighted by Basu himself, but when Bosch pays some of his patients a visit, it becomes clear that the drugs prescribed aren’t actually reaching them. 

Meanwhile, the local detectives sniffing around the Vance case parallel to Bosch return after finished the will goose chase he sent them on the last time they spoke. However, they are slightly less hostile on this occasion, owing to the fact that they now think that Whitney Vance may actually have been murdered as opposed to dying of natural causes. After sharing their evidence files with Bosch, he spots a few things that cause him to question the legitimacy of the holographic will he was sent. After piecing together a theory, he heads back to Aida’s house with Chandler, with the affidavit for her to sign, however once it is signed, Bosch can do a direct comparison between that document and the will and his theory that Aida was the one who wrote that will is confirmed. When Bosch and Chandler probe her on the matter, Aida confesses to taking it upon herself to add $10million for herself, and also smothering Vance when he didn’t die as she had expected he would. Having done the work for the local detectives, Bosch allows them to swoop in and arrest Aida, who goes quietly, not that she had much choice.

With the Davis case ticking along, it looks like the net might be closing in on Detective Morrison, whose own morality is also starting to catch up with him. He pays a visit to Nicole’s mother, who points out to him that he made promises that he didn’t keep and that is why her daughter is now dead. This leads to him making the decision later on to cooperate with the investigation into the shooting as opposed to helping to cover it up.

The ending

After a successful day on the ground gathering evidence and making that phenomenal discovery concerning the mask, Maddie is getting ready to head home after her shift when she receives a call. Whilst they were out in the neighbourhood, she found a building inspection notice with a contact number on, and it is that person returning her call. However, as it is revealed who is on the other end of the phone, it seems like that inspection notice might have been bait, as the man she is speaking to is actively searching for Maddie online.

Despite their best attempts (including burning down the first lab that the DNA evidence was submitted to), the board over at Vance Engineering did’t manage to stop the confirmation of heirs to Vance’s estate. However, this only fuels their determination to track down Vibiana and remove her and her son from the picture. Late one night, Bosch gets a call from Vibiana to say that she feels like there is something off about a message she received from Sloan; that he wanted to come up and do a security check despite having already done one that evening. Bosch agrees that something about it doesn’t seem right, and tells Vibiana she must leave immediately. He races over, but can he get to her before Vance Engineering’s people do?

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