That’s My Time with David Letterman season 1 review – the laughs keep on coming

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 8, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix comedy special series Thats My Time with David Letterman season 1


A lovely and light-hearted watch. David Letterman doesn’t take himself too seriously, and it’s refreshing to see up-and-coming comedians have their time on the stage. 

This review of the Netflix comedy special series That’s My Time with David Letterman season 1 does not contain any spoilers.

David Letterman invites some of the hottest up-and-coming stand-up stars to perform a set and then sit down for one of his infamous chats. In each episode, David Letterman performs a five-minute stand-up himself. And following on from his set, he introduces the guest act, and after they perform their set for five minutes, they sit down for a light-hearted chat with David himself.

Each episode has a different guest, with Sam Morril, Naomi Ekperigin, and Rosebud Baker filling out the first three episodes. And with each episode averaging approximately 18-19 minutes, it’s not a long watch by any means. In fact, the episodes are so short that it comes as a surprise when the episode ends as time flies by. And that’s a clear sign that it’s an entertaining piece of television. 

In fact, each segment could easily fit into a TikTok. And this is just one of the many reasons that the whole family could enjoy this comedy special. Whilst there are a few times that adult language gets used, for teens and over, there is nothing that should turn them off. Above all, it’s great to see fresh talent on screen. And let’s hope that the six aspiring comedians go on to great things.

As a whole, there is no clear highlight of the comedy special. As the three segments within each episode blend together so well, it’s hard to really pinpoint which works best. And as for David Letterman himself, he is, of course, great on the screen. But more importantly, he doesn’t hog the camera. Instead, he allows the up-and-coming comedians to have their time on the stage.

The next three episodes arrive on the 12th of June, and they will include Brian Simpson, Robin Tran, and Phil Wang. So if you enjoyed the first three episodes, keep a look out for them!

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