The Boys season 3, episode 4 recap – a hamster steals the scene

June 10, 2022
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The Boys season 3 is back in form and returns to the glory of the previous two seasons. With a few story developments in the closing ten minutes, there’s plenty for the audience to look forward to. 

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The Boys season 3 is back in form and returns to the glory of the previous two seasons. With a few story developments in the closing ten minutes, there’s plenty for the audience to look forward to. 

This recap of the Amazon original series The Boys season 3, episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” contains spoilers.

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The Boys season 3, episode 4 recap

Homelander gives an interview and admits that whilst he admits to being wound up, he questions which could be to blame for the recent attacks. Stan wants Neuman to go after Homelander and remind him who is in charge. And despite her initial fears, Stan reminds her that he wouldn’t allow anyone to harm her. 

Nina tells Billy that for her help, she wants Shirley. And it appears that Billy is aware that he has no choice but to give her what she wants. Starlight shows Hughie the upcoming footage where she has to “admit” to being in a relationship with Homelander. As a result, Hughie tells her that he will save her. Their conversation gets interrupted when Homelander lets himself into her room, having obtained a key so he can keep an eye on Starlight. When Homelander starts to aggravate Hughie, Starlight tells Homelander that if he harms Hughie or anyone he cares for, she will walk and take her approval points with her. 

Starlight tells Alex that there is a way to kill Homelander, and without little thought or persuading, he agrees to help her. Homelander learns from Ashley that Neuman will be doing a press conference on him later that day. The Deep and A-Train come to odds, and sure enough, they begin fighting. But it’s The Deep that Homelander decides to support. After seeing the distress that Homelander has caused A-Train, Alex suggests that they do something about it. 

The Female, under strict orders from Billy, goes undercover and brutally several men who have sex workers. But one of the sex workers shoots The Female in the head, and naturally, they react in horror when her gunshot heals itself, and The Female stands back up. Neuman makes her press conference and says that Homelander has come forward as a whistleblower and is providing evidence of crimes committed by Stan. And it becomes clear that Homelander has used Neuman to “set things straight”. As Stan gets arrested, Neuman claims that she did it as Stan was never protecting her, but rather, she was protecting him.

The Female likens Billy to the man she has just killed, claiming that he never treats her and Frenchie like actual people. In agreement, Frenchie and The Female agree to leave. Neuman returns home, where Homelander is waiting for her. Homelander hands Neuman documents that prove that she isn’t Stan’s daughter; instead, she is a weapon. Hughie walks in on Billy injecting V. And Hughie begs Billy to give him some, saying he needs some to protect himself from Homelander.

The ending

Stand warns Homelander that he isn’t worthy of his respect, that he is a bad product, and soon enough, everyone will come to realise that. After sneaking into a warehouse, they find a hamster called Jamie. But the hamster starts going ballistic in its glass cage, and an alarm begins to ring. Armed men surround the gang, and after Jamie the hamster saves Frenchie’s life, Billy walks straight into the gunfire. And when Marvin gets nearly killed, Hughie uses his newfound powers to save him. The gang berate Hughie for taking V and tell him that he is better than that. 

Billy breaks open a tunnel, where inside, Soldier Boy is being held. Soldier Boy frees himself, causes an explosion from his chest and wanders off. The Female has been seriously injured, but this time, she is not healing. Homelander brings Starlight to a “view of a lifetime”, Alex’s mutated body. Homelander reveals that A-Train told him about Starlight and Alex’s plot. He warns Starlight that if she so much as blinks out of line, he will do the same to Hughie as he did to Alex. 

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