The Boys season 3, episode 5 recap – “The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 17, 2022
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A solid episode with plenty of developments that will keep the audiences speculating on what could happen next.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Boys season 3, episode 5, “The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies,” contains spoilers.

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The Boys season 3, episode 5 recap

In Moscow, Hughie throws up, likely one of the effects of taking Compound V, as Homelander goes to his first board meeting. When Hughie is back with Starlight, he claims that Moscow was a dead-end. But when she pushes for information, Hughie tells her that he took Compound V and that Soldier Boy is not only still alive but loose in Moscow. Billy gets drunk with Queen Maeve, and after he refers to superheroes as walking nuclear disasters, they have sex.

Frenchie goes to visit The Female in the hospital where Little Nina is waiting with Chocolate Limes. She tells Frenchie that he works for her, and to his horror, she instructs him to kill a child. Afterwards, The Female starts to regain consciousness. She checks her wound, and the fact that she didn’t heal makes her happy. And when she tries to lift up an item, it’s too heavy. Has her interaction with Soldier Boy made her lose her powers? It seems like it.

Starlight confronts A-Train about being responsible for Alex’s death, although he denies having any involvement. Soldier Boy roams the streets, with much of today’s society being a shock for him. As he struggles with what he sees, he causes an explosion which kills 19 people. As Marvin goes to take his daughter, Janine, to a science fair, he sees the news reporting on the explosion and abandons his plans with Janine.

Billy and Hughie inspect the site of the explosion, where Marvin is also present. Billy suggests that they put their differences to one side and group together to try and find Soldier Boy. And Marvin agrees. Due to backlash from his past behaviour, Blue Hawk makes a public apology and apologies for any actions that could be considered racist. He then decides to donate $10,000 to the centre. But when his behavior is called out, Blue Hawk turns extremely violent and begins violently beating people up. 

Marvin, Hughie, and Billy visit The Legend, a drug and movie-loving guy who apparently has been b**ls-d**p with Marlon Brando. They guess that Soldier Boy has been to visit him, but The Legend denies seeing him. And it seems that even if he had, The Legend wouldn’t reveal a thing due to his history with Billy. In the end, though, he admits that Soldier Boy came to collect his suit and his girlfriend’s address. 

Homelander goes on national TV and dismisses concerns over the explosion. After the interview airs, Homelander tells Queen Maeve that he used to love her before asking if anything about them was ever real to her. She tells him that she hated and pitied him from the very start. And after that bombshell, Homelander smirks as Queen Maeve gets attacked off-screen.

Despite doubts from Marvin, Billy allows Hughie to take more Compound V and Starlight learns from Ashley that Queen Maeve is supposedly at the Global Wellness Retreat. Starlight tries to get Ashley to reveal where Queen Maeve really is. As Ashley’s fears about Homelander surface and it appears that she might reveal where Maeve is, Ashley shuts down. As Frenchie and The Female watch a movie in the hospital, Nina tries to call Frenchie. But his attention is more focused on The Female, who gains the ability to speak and sing. Except it’s just in his head. Even so, it was a nice musical number. Afterwards, when he goes to grab a coffee, Little Nina ambushes Frenchie.

The ending

Crimson Countess performs on a webcam as she gets attacked and subsequently chained up by Billy. Marvin tells her that Soldier Boy is alive and on his way. But it turns out that she already knew he was alive and was part of the reason he ended up trapped in a lab. Crimson Countess says that now that Soldier Boy is free, he will kill them all. As Billy leaves Crimson Countess chained up, Starlight confronts Hughie over, once again, taking compound V. 

As Marvin realises that Billy has drugged his water, Soldier Boy arrives. Soldier Boy recognises Billy from the lab, and this is when Billy offers up Crimson Countess so they can join sides. Soldier Boy goes to Crimson Countess, and when he learns that she didn’t need any money from the Russians to betray him, as she hated him just like everyone else, he causes an explosion that kills Crimson Countess. 

When Starlight sees Soldier Boy, Hughie stops her from fighting him. Instead, he reveals that he and Billy are going to use Soldier Boy to defeat Homelander. Even so, Starlight asks Hughie not to go with him. But despite her plea, Hughie heads off with Soldier Boy and Billy.

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