Love, Victor season 3, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 3, episode 1


Victor returns with more sassy one-liners and heaps of heart. An impressive and respectful teen drama that shines a light on many pressing issues of our time.

This recap of the Hulu series Love, Victor season 3, episode 1 contains spoilers.

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The Hulu original is back after a whole year away and the show wastes absolutely no time at all in resolving that maddening cliff-hanger from the end of season two. So, who did Victor choose, was it Benji or Rahim? Well episode one, “It’s You”, opens with Victor knocking on Benji’s door, of course, with the titular character gushing about how Benji changed his life and made Victor realize he was living a lie. It’s a sweet opener that reunites our two lovebirds and nicely sets up the final season of this well-written teen drama.

All the key cast members return, with each character given their own dedicated storyline. The series does a great job of juggling these interwoven plots, allowing room for emotional resonance and some eye-catching romance. The couple dynamics are shifting as well, with partners breaking up and falling in love all over again. You have Felix now with Victor’s younger sister Pilar, Lake and Lucy’s partnership is hotting up and Victor having chosen Benji over Rahim, declares his love for the teen. These romances aren’t just going to be all plain sailing in season three though and even with undeniable sparks flying, they all seem to get off to a rocky start.

Love, Victor season 3, episode 1 recap

Felix and Pilar try to solidify their new relationship, although Pilar’s awkward parents are on hand to ruin any intimacy. They inform their daughter that the couple are happily back together, but Pilar won’t reciprocate this news with her own announcement. Felix desperately wants her to tell her parents about them being an item, but she’s hesitant, unsure how the protective duo will react. Annoyed by the secrecy, Felix leaves and asks Victor for advice.

Other subplots involve Mia meeting with her distant mother and Lake’s struggles to move on from Felix. Mia and Andrew pay the mother a visit, the first in five years, where a once selfish parent asks her daughter how she can rectify her wrongs. Mia realizes that her mother hasn’t changed her ways at all though and reconciles with her father back at home. This emotionally driven narrative is framed in a professional and mature way, something refreshing in the show’s often clichéd genre.

Victor’s initial delight at being back by Benji’s side is short-lived when the duo goes for a late-night drive. The police are performing random alcohol checks and Benji admits to having drunk earlier. Victor happily swaps seats with his lover, but the set-up has dire consequences. Benji later confesses to being back on the booze and is subsequently whisked off to rehab. It’s a poignant ending to the premiere, as their renewed love for one another is put on hold, for three weeks in fact, whilst Benji tries to fight his demons.

As the opening episode draws to a close, there’s just time for all these threads to be neatly tied up by the closing credits. Actions speak louder than words in this conclusion, with Pilar and Felix apologizing with a kiss. Lake and Lucy share some intimacy, also with a kiss. And Mia hugs it out with her father, with him stating that they will figure this out. Victor waves goodbye to Benji, who departs for rehab, and that about sums up the first installment. Like the previous seasons, this is a surprisingly impressive series that addresses teen issues in a respectful manner.

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