Story recap – what happened in Love, Victor season 3?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Story recap – what happened in Love, Victor season 3 - HULU SERIES

This is a story recap of the Hulu series Love, Victor season 3 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

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In the third season of Love, Victor, the Creekwood High gang begin to contemplate their future lives after high school ends. As always there is plenty of heartache mixed in with the joy, as old relationships are broken and new ones are formed. Victor has to decide once and for all where his heart belongs. At the end of season two he was left with a choice between Benji or Rahim, the premiere quickly answers this cliff-hanger, yet his road to happiness is an eventful one to say the least. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in each episode of Love, Victor season 3:

Story recap – what happened in Love, Victor season 3?

Episode 1 – “It’s You”

Victor chooses Benji over Rahim and declares his love for the teenager. They go for a drive, although Benji has been drinking, and are stopped by the police. Victor swaps seats with Benji, so he isn’t arrested. Felix and Pilar are now an item, but she wants to keep it a secret from her overprotective parents. Felix isn’t happy with this decision. Mia tracks down her mother and they talk for the first time in years. She asks her mother to move back to Creekwood, yet she declines. Lucy and Lake kiss. Victor’s parents announce that they are happily back together. Rahim waits for Victor, but realizes he has been rejected. Benji decides to go to rehab after nearly being arrested, adding that he’ll be gone for three weeks.

Episode 2 – “Fast Times at Creekwood High”

Mia believes that her time at Creekwood is going to be cut short due to her father and his new wife’s plans to move to California, so she decides to throw one last party. Felix and Lake confess to having new partners and are awkward towards one another at the party. Lucy and Pilar decide to force the exes into a room together to discuss their break-up. Both feel they have closure after this chat. Victor and Andrew get high. Victor’s parents attend a PFLAG meeting where they admit to treating Victor poorly. Isabel can’t forgive herself though. Rahim blanks Victor after being rejected and later Victor apologizes, stating he still wants to be friends. Mia asks if she can live at Lake’s house permanently. Benji returns from rehab, but splits up with Victor to avoid any emotional triggers.

Episode 3 – “The Setup”

Isabel tries to make amends with Victor and takes the family to a gay-friendly church. There she makes friends with a couple and arranges a date for Victor with their son Nick. Victor protests this matchmaking until he meets Nick for the first time. They are both attracted to one another and make out in his car. A post about Benji attending rehab quickly spreads around school and he believes Rahim to be the culprit. Felix’s mother has a new partner and they double date with Felix and Pilar. Lake is nervous about her first night of intimacy with Lucy and panic calls Mia for advice. Victor has a heart to heart with his mother about Benji going to rehab. Rahim finds out he is tutoring Benji.

Episode 4 – “You Up?”

Nick starts to hook up with Victor on numerous occasions, wanting to keep things casual. Victor agrees and the couple make out in an array of locations. Pilar’s father finds out that his daughter and Felix are secretly together. The parents confront Pilar about this and she admits to being in a relationship. Her parents are angry that she lied to them. Armando even wants to take her bedroom door off its hinges. Victor thinks he’s gotten an STD from Nick, but it is actually a poison ivy rash. Pilar tells Felix that she loves him. He is accepted by her parents and they all hug. Victor breaks up with Nick, stating that he needs a proper relationship. Lake confronts her mother about the way she criticizes everything about her and admits to dating Lucy. Rahim and Benji grow closer thanks to the tutoring. Victor joins a dating app. Isabel finds Pilar’s birth control pills.

Episode 5 – “Lucas and Diego”

In flashbacks, Benji starts to develop a drinking problem due to his homophobic father. He is then involved in a drunken car accident and chooses to come out to his parents in the hospital. His father struggles to accept Benji’s sexuality though. In the present, Victor alters his dating profile slightly, going under the alias of Diego. He starts to flirt with a man named Lucas and they decide to meet up. Lucas ends up being Benji, but they still go on their date together. Pilar’s parents ground Pilar after discovering her birth control pills. Pilar sneaks out to Felix’s house and attempts to take their relationship to the next level. Felix is apprehensive and Pilar storms off. Benji’s father threatens Victor, telling him to stay away from his son.

Episode 6 – “Agent of Chaos”

Felix and Victor try to make friends with loner Liam in school. Victor discovers that Liam is also gay and attempts to help the teen in coming out. Liam tries to kiss Victor and then runs away when rejected. Rahim is told to lie about his sexuality to his homophobic Uncle. His mother says Rahim is dating Pilar and the fake couple are invited out for a meal. Rahim struggles to hide his sexuality and flirts with a waiter called Connor. Mia’s new stepmother Veronica gives birth. Nick apologizes to Victor at church. Armando tells Pilar that they lost a child when Isabel was around the same age as Pilar is now. Lucy admits that she doesn’t want to go to college and is thinking about moving to Portland. Pilar breaks up with Felix. Nick asks Victor out on a proper date.

Episode 7 – “The Gay Award”

Victor’s coach offers him a bravery award, which Victor coins as the gay award. He doesn’t know whether to accept the award or not and talks with Rahim. Rahim thinks it’s a great idea. Felix’s mother breaks up with her partner and they both comfort one another. Mia and Andrew travel to meet Mia’s new baby brother. Nick and Victor, Rahim and Connor go on a double date together. A homophobe bullies Rahim and they nearly get into a fight. Benji attends an AA meeting. Lake breaks up with Lucy. Mia contemplates moving to Palo Alto to be with her family. Rahim convinces Victor to accept the award. Benji realizes he is better off with Victor than without him, so he goes to his house to tell him, but sees Victor making out with Nick instead. Benji decides to go to boarding school.

Episode 8 – “Brave”

In the series finale, Felix and Victor celebrate their one year anniversary as friends. Mia tells Lake that she is moving to Palo Alto next week. Armando quits his job over a homophobic boss. Mia confesses to Andrew about moving and suggests they break up. Andrew is furious and storms off. Victor makes his acceptance speech, talking about embracing the scariest things in life and being brave. Nick realizes that Victor isn’t over Benji and they mutually split up. Victor declares his love to Benji once more, but is too late. Benji has decided to go to boarding school instead. Mia and Andrew agree to try long distance. Lake and Lucy make up. Victor’s parents decide to start their own business together. Felix and Pilar get back together. Nick and Liam hook up. Rahim and Connor are an item. Victor seems content to be single again and takes a trip on the Ferris wheel alone. At the last minute Benji turns up and joins him on the ride. The couple kiss.

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