Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 3 recap – “Destined”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 22, 2022
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This series did get off to a rather generic, teen-led start, but episode 3 seems to start something worth sticking around for.

This recap of the Disney MCU series Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 3, “Destined,” contains spoilers.

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This series did get off to a rather generic, teen-led start, but episode 3 seems to start something worth sticking around for. Episode 3 sees the stakes heightened as Kamala has to deal with personal life problems and an enduring villain that will stop at nothing to gain what they want.

Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 begins in British Occupied India in 1942. Najma finds a bangle in some rubble. It’s on a severed arm. They wonder where the other bangle is, but Aisha thinks the British already have it. Aisha wants to use the bangle to return home. And then, the British army arrives, so Najma and Aisha have to escape separately, and they promise to see each other again.

In the present day, Najma, Kamran’s mother, tells Kamala that the flashback we have seen is the last time she saw her great grandmother, Aisha. She explains that they are from another dimension and are not here by choice; they were exiled. Najma claims they are searching for Aisha.

Kamala tells Najma that she doesn’t think anything can come from the bangle. Najma disputes that idea and tells Kamala that she has inherited greatness. She tells her to finish what they started. Najma tells Kamala about her dimension — Noor. They are a group of people called Djinn. Kamala is freaked out by this information and tells Bruno about it.

Afterward, The government agency Damage Control visits the mosque. Nakia believes the Muslim community is being targeted due to the new superhero on their radar. Nakia then reveals she’s now a new member of the Muslim Board at the mosque, and the two friends hug it out to celebrate.

There’s a wedding in episode 3 — Aamir is getting married, so the shock of meeting the Djinn people dissipates a bit, and it’s back to reality for Kamala. She asks her father if the new superhero is suitable for their community.

But before we get to the wedding, Bruno tells Kamala that he got into Caltech and that he’s going. He doesn’t want to leave until he knows she’s okay. He promises to research so she can help people out, but he doesn’t think it is a good idea at present.

And then, the ceremony arrives, and Aamir gets married. Kamala is moved by the wedding, and it’s a gracious, loving event. Meanwhile, Najma tells Kamran that they don’t have much time. Najma knows their plans are dangerous but insists they need Kamala to help them because this is not their home. Najma is the show’s villain, and she’s a good one so far.

And so, Kamran heads to the wedding and tells Kamala that she and her family are in danger because his mother and his family will kill them all to get what they want. And then Kamran’s family arrives. Kamala sets off the fire alarm causing panic, and the guests run outside. Kamran begs his mother to stop, but Namja tells him not to get in her way.

Kamala is quickly surrounded in the kitchen, and she’s soon fighting. Eventually, Kamala has to hide. Najma calls her out, pleading that she helps them get home. But then, she’s fighting Namja and her team again, becoming more accustomed to her powers. Bruno helps her by attacking one of the men, but he’s soon thrown onto the floor.

Kamran joins the fight to help Kamala. Eventually, Namja gets Kamala to herself, and she touches the bangle that seems to open up a portal, and there’s a train. But then, Agent Deever and her agency arrive, and they start arresting Namja and her family. Kamala leaves the venue, and Nakia learns her friend is the new superhero. She’s disappointed that she never told her.

The ending

When Kamala returns home, her family wants to know what happened. Kamala cannot tell them the truth, knowing what’s at stake.

As the episode ends, Kamala’s grandmother calls and asks if she saw the train, which confuses her. The life of a superhero teenager appears complicated and confusing.

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