Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 4 recap – “Seeing Red”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 29, 2022
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Disney MCU series Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 4 - Seeing Red


Episode 4 is a wonderful chapter that shows Kamala visiting Pakistan while enduring the usual superhero tropes.

This recap of the Disney MCU series Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 4, “Seeing Red,” contains spoilers.

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Ms. Marvel is not the best addition to the MCU, but (this is a big but) — Kamala is an enjoyable character. With significant cultural moments and an understanding of growing up in America as a minority, Ms. Marvel may be one of the best outliers in this universe this year. Episode 4 is a wonderful chapter that shows Kamala visiting Pakistan while enduring the usual superhero tropes. 

Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens with Kamala on the plane with her family to meet her grandmother in Pakistan. She’s still in trouble for “ruining her brother’s wedding,” even though she likely saved her family in reality. However, her mother is willing to have a truce with Kamala while visiting Pakistan. When they get there, the grandmother is delighted to see them.

Her grandmother shows Kamala a drawing of her great-grandmother Aisha. Kamala asks her if she’s a “Djinn,” and her grandmother casually confirms she is, which understandably freaks Kamala out. The grandmother also expresses that the last time the bangle was used around her, it saved her life during the dangerous partition – it led her back to her father on a train, the same train from the visions Kamala had. Kamala is overwhelmed and unsure how to figure it out, but her grandmother is willing to help. 

The next day, Kamala heads to Karachi train station — the same station from the vision. However, she’s soon attacked by a young man (Kareem) with powers — he states he sensed the “Noor” in her. Kareem sees her bangle and asks her about Aisha. It appears he’s not an enemy and takes Kamala to a secret hideout. She meets another man called Waleed, and he is aware of her family history. Waleed shows Kamala how two worlds can co-exist. He explains that if the Clandestines bring down the veil, it will unleash that world onto them. Kamala continues to learn from Waleed and the others; her powers, the history, and where they came from.

Episode 4 continues to build up the threat while entwining plenty of important cultural moments for Kamala’s visit to Pakistan.

And more danger is afoot. In supermax prison, Namja and her family escape. However, Kamran is left behind because Namja doesn’t forgive him for helping Kamala.

The ending

Namja and her group attack Kamala and co. They end up escaping in a vehicle with Kareem driving. It then becomes a chase through the town. Eventually, the chase ends up back on foot, but Waleed is brutally stabbed in the back by Namja. Kareem and Kamala continue to flee, but they reach a dead end and have no choice but to fight. Najma hits Kamala’s bangle with a blade, which makes a tear in the universe, and she falls into a portal. Once through, Kamala is on a busy train platform in Karachi, but it seems different from the one she visited earlier in the episode. She gets on top of the train to see crowds of people — there’s an air of panic. Is this during the partition? It seems she’s in a different dimension, but we are sure more answers will come in the next episode. 

Additional plot points

  • Kamala’s mother asks the grandmother if she wants to come back to the USA with her. They have missed each other.

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