Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 5 recap – “Time and Again”

July 6, 2022
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This may not be the most exciting episode, but the contextual character-building of Aisha brings plenty to enjoy. 

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This may not be the most exciting episode, but the contextual character-building of Aisha brings plenty to enjoy. 

This recap of the Disney MCU series Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 5, “Time and Again,” contains spoilers.

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Ms. Marvel presents a lot of promise in season 1. And as we reach closer to the end, it is clear that this is a series that is worthy of keeping hold on to. Let’s hope Disney decides to renew it. 

Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with archive news footage presenting the time when India gained independence and the struggle and violence that followed. The episode then moves to a village dispersed by British soldiers, and Aisha explores the place with curiosity.

A man named Hasan asks if she needs help and offers her food and a place to stay. He’s inquisitive about her, and Aisha feels warmed by his interest. The pair become comfortable rather quickly, spiraling into a romance with Aisha having a home for herself and even bringing a child into the world.

Hasan is disillusioned by the tensions across the country, and he expresses his frustrations. And then, in the middle of the night, Najma finds Aisha and gives her a longing hug. Najma wants to put “plans into action” but then senses that Aisha doe not truly want to go home. Aisha assures her she wants to go home, but she wants to ensure the bangle is in “safekeeping.” 

She can sense danger after this conversation, so Aisha wants to leave the village and tells Hasan that it’s unsafe with all the violence.

Aisha drags her family to the train station, but Hasan gets impatient and wants to know the truth as to why they are running away. Aisha shows Hasan the bangle and the powers it possesses. She tells him that she chooses him and asks him to promise her their daughter, Sana, will go on the train. They are soon separated in the crowd, and Najma finds Aisha. She accuses her of betraying her before brutally stabbing Aisha with a blade and walking off.

Aisha walks through the crowd of people heavily wounded; she can hear Hasan shouting out for Sana. Aisha activates the bangle as she hits the floor, and suddenly, we flit to Kamala, who has found herself in the same dimension after the last episode’s events. Kamala finds Aisha, and she calls her Sana. She tells Kamala to find Sana and get her on the train. It’s an emotional moment as Aisha dies.

Kamala finds a crying Sana and pushes them both through the crowd, but there are many people to move through. Kamala uses her powers to try and help Sana through the crowd to get her back to Hasan. But then, Sana uses powers herself to get back to her father. And that’s when it dawns on Kamala — the little girl is her. Sana gets on the train with her father.

The bangle lights up again, and Kamala returns to her world. The Veil is open. Kamala tries to close the Veil, but it doesn’t work. She tells Najma that the Veil will destroy everything and asks for her help to close it — she reminds her that she has Kamran. She tells her not to take Kamran away from the family.

Najma walks towards the Veil and says “Kamran” before she is reduced to her bones, and it looks like she has died. Suddenly, Kamran is hit by energy and seems to have new powers. But, this is when Kamala’s mother and grandmother turn up. They now know she’s the new superhero. She shows her grandmother a photo of Aisha, Hasan, and Sana and tells her it’s real.

The ending

And, of course, the penultimate episode ends with an “explosive” cliffhanger. 

Kamran meets up with Bruno. Suddenly, there’s a drone outside the apartment. They have been followed. The episode ends with an explosion, leaving the fate of Kamran and Bruno as a cliffhanger.

This may not be the most exciting episode, but the contextual character-building of Aisha brings plenty to enjoy. 

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