Ms. Marvel season 1 finale mid-credit scene explained

July 13, 2022
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This article explains the mid-credit scene in the finale of Ms. Marvel season 1 (episode 6) and will contain spoilers.

The ending of Ms. Marvel season 1 brought more questions than answers as viewers were treated to some hints of the future. First of all, let’s remind ourselves what happened at the end from our episode 6 recap:

“And then, life resumes as Kamala relives her recent experiences by talking to her father about them. Her father tells her she has saved lives as he implies how proud he is of her. Meanwhile, Kamran takes refuge at the Red Daggers. His story is just beginning too. 

The finale then flits to “1 week later.” Kamala meets up with Bruno and Nakia. Bruno talks to Kamala about her genetic makeup. He feels something is different about her genes, “like a mutation” (X-Men music right here!). Kamala says, “it will just be another label,” and brushes it off.”

Of course, the whole mutation comment did not feel like a coincidence, which we will delve into later in the article. These slight hints given to the audience within the dialogue may indicate what to expect in the future.

Ms. Marvel season 1 finale mid-credit scene explained

And so, this is what happened in the mid-credit scene after the finale had finished:

Kamala lays on her bed, exhausted and in her superhero costume. Her bangles suddenly activate, which causes her to smash through her door. But then, she returns as Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel looks around Kamala’s room, sees evidence that Kamala is a massive fan of hers, and goes, “oh, no.” It’s almost like she knew what had happened. 

And then a black screen comes up with the following statement — “Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels.”

Okay, so let’s break this down with theories and what the future may entail:

  • We already know that Carol Danvers was the first Ms. Marvel in the comics. Kamala replaced her, and they “kind of” re-wrote the character as a superfan of that version.
  • It could be a multiverse angle; in one version of reality, Carol Danvers remained Ms. Marvel — she may be embodying her in this reality.
  • If we talk about the DNA analysis that Bruno brought up before the mid-credit scene — was this a suggestion that Kamala had become Carol Danvers on a genetic level?
  • When Kamala used her superpower “embiggening,” many suggestions surfaced on social media that she wasn’t wearing the bangles post-transformation, which could be a massive clue to the DNA puzzle. 
  • Bruno slyly tells Kamala that what he saw in her DNA was “like a mutation” — cue the X-Men music reference. 
  • The Marvels is an upcoming film about Kamala, Carol, and Monica from WandaVision.
  • It all feels like a big X-Men tease. The idea is that Kamala shapeshifted into Carol. Bruno being specific by saying “mutation” with the link to X-Men implies that the MCU’s version of the X-Men is on its way. This could mean that Kamala might be a mutant. We all know that canonically, she’s an Inhuman, but MCU’s Inhumans series was a massive disappointment. This could be a reload of her character, making her a mutant rather than an Inhuman.

And that’s all that comes to mind so far, folks. But we’d love to garner more theories from the web. What did you think the Ms. Marvel season 1 finale mid-credit scene meant? Comment below. 

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