Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 6 recap – the finale and ending explained

July 13, 2022
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The finale of Ms. Marvel brings some worthwhile conclusions but drops many ideas for the future. 

This recap of the Disney MCU series Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 6, “No Normal,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Well, here we are. After six episodes, the debut season of the highly anticipated Ms. Marvel ends. I’ve really enjoyed it, and while some Twitter users believe it hasn’t got the viewership it deserves, I think for the first season, and with the amount of content released each week, this MCU series has done respectfully well. Let’s recap the finale. 

Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 6 recap – the finale and ending explained

After the explosion at the end of episode 5, Damage Control shows up to find Kamran. Bruno and Kamran are alive and well, but they have to fight off more Damage Control agents on the subway. Meanwhile, Kamala rounds up her family and reveals that she is Night Light, but they already know. Her mother told them.

But then, Kamala gets a call from Nakia; she learns about the explosion and wonders where Bruno is. In a landmark moment, Kamala’s mother gives her daughter a superhero suit. It’s time for Kamala to embrace her superhero life. She travels around the city, showing off her new attire. Meanwhile, Nakia tells Bruno and Kamran to hide at the high school.

Damage Control heads to the mosque; Agent Deever tries to ask about Kamran, but the people at the mosque purposefully distract her. Deever orders her team to search the entire area.

Eventually, Kamala finds Kamran and Bruno. And then, Kamran struggles with his powers. He feels like he’s being “crushed from the inside out.” The group turns up at high school and reunites with Nakia. Kamala devises a plan to stave off Damage Control. Aamir and Zoe also turn up to help out.

And so, the plans begin, and Zoe provides a live feed to her followers about Damage Control surrounding them. It’s bad press. Agent Deever has sent her team in despite being told not to by the DoD. The squad team struggles to capture any of them, including their primary targets, Kamala and Kamran, due to all the distractions. Eventually, Kamran and Kamala are alone, holding hands, their powers unified. As they are about to kiss, Bruno turns up and purposefully gets himself arrested so they can run away.

Kamran asks Kamala what happened to his mother. Kamala reveals that his mother pierced the Veil. It dawns on Kamran that his mother is dead, but they can’t talk about it for long as more agents come. Kamran tries to hurt them, so Kamala has no choice but to use her powers to stop him.

Kamran heads outside, and Agent Deever tells him to surrender. He refuses, so they shoot at him multiple times. Kamala runs outside to create a shield to protect him. Eventually, Agent Deever uses her technological weapons to throw them both to the ground. Kamala uses her powers to transform into a bigger version of herself — we finally see another power of hers, embiggening. She takes on Damage Control with ease.

Suddenly, Kamran loses control of his powers, causing destruction everywhere. Kamala moves toward him and creates a protective dome to stop him from hurting people. Kamran doesn’t feel he is going to be accepted and doesn’t think he can be normal. Kamala tells him his mother chose to protect him as she died. She asks him to go to the harbor so she can buy him time.

Despite plenty of commotion and confusion, the crowd cheer on Kamala as she leaves the scene. Agent Deever is in trouble for ignoring the orders of the DoD.

The ending

And then, life resumes as Kamala relives her recent experiences by talking to her father about them. Her father tells her she has saved lives as he implies how proud he is of her. Meanwhile, Kamran takes refuge at the Red Daggers. His story is just beginning too. 

The finale then flits to “1 week later.” Kamala meets up with Bruno and Nakia. Bruno talks to Kamala about her genetic makeup. He feels something is different about her genes, “like a mutation” (X-Men music right here!). Kamala says, “it will just be another label,” and brushes it off.

The finale of Ms. Marvel brings some worthwhile conclusions but drops many ideas for the future. 

What did you think of Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 6 (finale), and the ending? Comment below. 

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  • July 13, 2022 at 12:25 pm

    So either you aren’t talking about it, or there is no WOW moment that actually ties this show to the MCU as a whole. Moonknight had the same issue.

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