The Umbrella Academy season 3 – breaking down the members of the Sparrow Academy

By Adam Lock
Published: June 22, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “Breaking down the members of the Sparrow Academy,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy season 3.

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Season three of The Umbrella Academy introduces us to a new, altered timeline and some brand new characters as well. The Sparrows seem to have replaced the Umbrellas at Reginald’s mansion in this strange new present, and both families find themselves at odds with one another, fighting for control. This new group of siblings comes with their own distinct powers and foibles, which season three eagerly explores. Here’s a breakdown of each member of the Sparrow Academy:

The Umbrella Academy season 3 – breaking down the members of the Sparrow Academy

Sparrow Number One: Marcus

Just like Luther, who is the Umbrella’s number one, Marcus is the muscle in his family. Marcus has the ability of super strength, which he shows off to his adoring fans on the rooftop of the Academy, performing a gymnastic routine each day. When the Sparrows fight the Umbrella siblings, he’s a perfect match for Luther and, in fact, outdoes his counterpart. He can be arrogant and egotistical with his skills but seems thwarted by Vanya’s magical prowess.

Vanya tries to strike a deal with Marcus, she won’t embarrass him in front of his fans if he returns the time-traveling briefcase to her. He accepts and heads to the mansion’s cellar to retrieve the object. Although he is hypnotized by the Kugelblitz instead, finding himself sucked into this horrifying vortex. He’s the first Sparrow to be killed, with only a small role in the season.

Sparrow Number Two: Ben

The very familiar Ben, who Klaus used to communicate with from beyond the grave, was the Umbrella’s Number Six. In this skewed timeline, Ben has no memory of the Umbrellas and is almost the complete antithesis of their beloved fallen sibling. This Ben is vulgar and power-mad, a selfish and corrupt individual who will stop at nothing to become the Sparrow’s Number One. His powers are the same as old Ben’s, summoning tentacles from his body. He becomes a vile bad guy in season three, constantly trying to outsmart the Umbrellas, ruthlessly warring with his rivals. Ben survives all the obstacles thrown at him and is seen in the very final scenes in a new timeline.

Sparrow Number Three: Fei

Fei has the ability to summon and control birds (I’d hazard a guess at ravens, but it is never properly confirmed). She is blind but can see through these birds. Like Ben, she is also power-mad and is happy to be Ben’s second in command. They plot to overthrow the Umbrellas, although their plans never truly work. She is killed by the Kugelblitz, which is reborn right in front of her.

Sparrow Number Four: Alphonso

This disfigured member of the team has the nifty ability to take any pain that is inflicted upon himself and transfer that onto his enemy. So if a rival punches him, they feel the blow. Alphonso is a mean, vulgar individual who happily battles the Umbrellas and manipulates Reginald along with Jayme. These two work as a pair and are killed together in battle against Harlan.

Sparrow Number Five: Sloane

Sloane has the ability to levitate herself or other objects. She can make these objects move about, controlling them however she sees fit. This gives the impression that she is flying or floating. She starts an adorable romantic relationship with Luther, who helps her to grow in confidence and escape the clutches of the Sparrow Academy. Sloane may be the only genuine and sweet member of the group. In the end, she marries Luther, although she is missing from the new timeline.

Sparrow Number Six: Jayme

Jayme might well have the coolest power in the group, she spits a black liquid that causes her victims to have bizarre and specific visions. She uses this power on Diego in the opening episode, and he envisions a dance-off between the two parties. Jayme also manipulates Five into making out with his mannequin lover. She has expert karate and fighting skills, alongside her extraordinary ability. Like her sparring partner Alphonso, she can be mean and sassy. She also dies when Harlan attacks.

Sparrow Number Seven: Christopher

Easily the strangest member of the group, Christopher appears to be a floating cube. He glows and shoots lightning rods from his body. All the while talking with an incomprehensible, purring robotic voice. The other members can apparently understand Christopher, yet the viewers cannot. This is a bit like Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Christopher stores the Kugelblitz inside his cube-like structure, yet this eventually kills him when the black hole explodes out of him.

That’s your breakdown of each member of The Sparrow Academy in The Umbrella Academy season 3. Who is your favorite member? Please comment below.

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