Who died in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 22, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Who died in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy Season 3

This article, “Who died in The Umbrella Academy season 3,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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The Umbrella Academy always seems to have a very high kill count, what with the show mixing together superhero fantasy, time-traveling sci-fi, and even horror into one chaotic concoction of genres. Season three had the added peril of the most dangerous apocalypse yet, found in the formidable, red swirling vortex titled the Kugelblitz. I mean, technically, nearly everyone in the known universe dies at some point in this show. However, I’ll just be focusing on the major players who popped their clogs in this year’s narrative, although some characters make a habit of coming back from the dead. Here’s a breakdown of everyone who died in season three who is of any importance to the plot. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Sparrow Number One: Marcus

The Umbrellas manage to create a time paradox when they land back in the present. The universe deals with this paradox by generating a Kugelblitz, the red, swirling vortex of doom that works pretty much the same way as any other black hole does, destroying everything in its path. The only difference is that it seems to pick and choose who succumbs to its powers. Marcus is the first to perish. The fool tries to stroke the vortex and is sucked inside it. The Kugelblitz reduces him to a skeleton and vaporizes its first victim. The pug Mr. Pennycrumb is also taken in that first shockwave.

Sparrows Number Four and Six: Jayme and Alphonso

The Sparrows try to ambush the Umbrellas at the Hotel Obsidian handover, attacking them while they’re distracted. Sloane does try to warn Luther, but he’s too late in figuring it out. Lester Pocket, later known as Harlan Cooper, comes to the rescue instead. Harlan blasts the Sparrows with his superpowers. These shockwaves hit Jayme and Alphonso the hardest, killing them instantly. Harlan manages to totally disfigure their faces in the process. It’s a horrific but quick death.

The Founder

Five and Lila travel into the distant future to try to understand the time paradox and how best to fix it. While there, they come across The Founder of The Commission, who lives in a paradox-proof panic room. Five believes The Founder to be his future self. The Founder lives in an iron lung and warns them that there is no escaping the apocalypse. When removed from his iron lung, he tells them not to save the world and then dies. His death is probably down to the shock of being removed from the iron lung, after all, he was one hundred years old.

The Umbrella siblings’ mothers and Sissy Cooper

Klaus decides to try and track down his birth mum on a road trip with Five. He later discovers that all the Umbrella siblings’ mothers died on October 1st, 1989, in this timeline, hours before the Umbrellas were even technically born. This existential nightmare means that the paradox was caused because of their deaths. But who killed them all at the very same moment? Harlan is to blame again. The second his mother died from cancer, Harlan lost control of his powers and, in an almighty rage, used those powers to send out one monumental shockwave blast. He told Viktor that he felt a connection to all the mothers at that moment and couldn’t stop the blast until it was too late.

Klaus Hargreeves

Klaus gets a rough deal in season three, he dies multiple times in painful and horrific ways. His first death is an accident. He was babysitting Stanley while he cleaned hotel rooms. In one particular hotel room, Stanley found a harpoon and accidentally fired the weapon. Stanley ended up shooting Klaus directly through his chest, killing the Umbrella. Klaus comes back from the dead and realizes that he is immortal. Reginald experiments on the poor boy, killing Klaus over and over again. His main form of death is due to collisions with vehicles, but there are other deaths he must endure.

The most cinematic and iconic of deaths comes near the end of the series. The remaining survivors jump into a tunnel leading to Hotel Oblivion. Reginald stops Klaus from entering the tunnel. He has only moments before the Kugelblitz destroys the entirety of the universe. In those fleeting seconds, Klaus leaps into the air and is impaled on a buffalo taxidermy’s horn. Quite the way to go.


In episode six, Stanley goes missing. His parents, Diego and Lila, go searching for him in the dangerous portal world of Hotel Oblivion. When they return, barely escaping death themselves, Stanley is vaporized by another shockwave from the Kugelblitz.

Harlan Cooper

Harlan, who spent most of the season under the guise of Lester Pocket, was an intimidating enemy. His powers could be catastrophic. In this season, he ended up killing two Sparrows and all the Umbrella siblings’ mothers. By defeating Jayme and Alphonso, the remaining members sought retribution. Led by Ben, the Sparrows fought for the exchange of Harlan for the time-traveling briefcase, but neither side would actually deliver the goods. Allison, in the end, was the one to defeat Harlan. She killed him once he revealed to her that he had killed her mother in this horrifying timeline. She got her own revenge and handed the corpse over to the Sparrows. We don’t know how she killed him, but she most likely used her persuasive powers to make him commit suicide.

Grace Hargreeves/Mom

Can you kill a robot? I suppose she was terminated instead of killed. Grace believes the Kugelblitz to be some godlike deity and worships the black hole. When the super-humans try to defeat it, she fights back with a flamethrower. Five manages to teleport her away from the action and snaps her neck.

Sparrow Number Seven and Three: Christopher and Fei

The floating cube known as Christopher stores the Kugelblitz within him in episode seven’s climactic scene. All seems to have gone to plan when the subsequent shockwave only registers as a fart. Both parties celebrate saving mankind, but the Kugelblitz explodes out of Christopher, killing the seventh Sparrow in spectacular fashion. The Kugelblitz then begins to grow larger and larger, becoming more aggressive than before. The explosion that kills Christopher also kills Fei, who stood right next to him when it happened. The Kugelblitz vaporizes her body as well.

Luther Hargreeves

Reginald has a plan to save the universe, but no one trusts him. They decide to vote whether to go ahead with his plan or not. Unfortunately, Reginald loses the vote, and everyone accepts their fate. Reginald doesn’t give up that easily though, he uses a death to spur the survivors on into accepting his plan. He slices at Luther with a retractable, alien sword. It is unclear if this sword is a part of his body or not, but it comes out from his sleeve. When Luther is dead, he sets up the crime scene, so it would appear that The Guardian has killed him, with the tunnel door leading to Hotel Oblivion left ajar. Luther, of course, does return from the dead, twice, in fact. Firstly as a projection from Klaus and secondly in a new timeline in the finale. So don’t worry, it would seem Luther is very much still alive.

The Guardians

In Hotel Oblivion, the remaining survivors battle three deadly Guardians in the hopes of resetting the universe. Five hacks one of the Guardians in the back. Lila and Viktor blast one of The Guardians to death. And the final Guardian is killed when seven of the super-humans connect their abilities on the sigil and unite for one epic final blast.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves

The sigil connects the seven siblings’ powers, but it seems to be killing them as well. Reginald doesn’t care that this resetting of the universe involves destroying most of Allison’s family. He is happy to sacrifice their lives. Allison makes the decision to stop this deadly assault and kills Reginald instead. She picks up The Guardian’s sickle and slices off half of Reginald’s face, revealing an alien skull underneath. He also seems to have survived, though, appearing in the finale’s new timeline.

That concludes the roundup of who died in The Umbrella Academy season 3. Which was your favorite death? Please comment below.

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