Story Recap – what happened in Chloe season 1?

June 24, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Amazon original Chloe season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story Recap – what happened in Chloe season 1?

Episode 1-2

Becky Greene, who lives with her dementia-suffering mum, Pam, is shocked to learn that Chloe Fairbourne, a woman she stalks relentlessly on social media, has just died. Once Becky learns that Chloe tried to call her shortly before her death, Becky takes up the alias of Sasha Miles and attempts to get into the lives of those close to Chloe. 

Firstly, Becky goes to a Yoga class and befriends Livia, who seems to have been friends with Chloe. Before long, Becky manages to get an invite to dinner, where Chloe’s inner circle is also present.

To keep up appearances, Becky spends high amounts of money, leaving her needing a bank loan. Meanwhile, Josh, someone that Becky slept with the night that Chloe died, realizes that Becky is pretending to be Sasha Miles and questions her behavior. After Livia offers her a job, Becky spends the night with Elliot, Chloe’s husband.

As she spends the night with Elliot, Becky searches around the house. She learns that Chloe was on antidepressants and was having secret contraceptive injections. 

Episode 3-4

Becky begins to speculate whether Chloe was having an affair with her drug-addicted friend, Richard. With her mum’s health deteriorating and Becky spending more and more time away from home, she decides to place her mum in a care home. And Elliot, seemingly wanting to help, offers to pay for Pam’s first month in Dudley Manor Care Home. As Becky gets closer to Elliot, she begins to imagine that Chloe is telling her to get out of her house.

When Becky stays with Elliot, it becomes clear that he is still feeling the effects of Chloe’s death. Then, when Livia learns that Becky and Elliot are dating, Livia begins to blank Becky. Shortly afterward, Becky learns that the night Chloe died, she went to a hotel and left some of her belongings. When Becky retrieves the items, she finds £5,000 in cash and a key with “28” written on it.

Episode 5-6

While struggling to keep her identity hidden, Becky learns from Richard that while he wanted to have sex with Chloe, they never did. As Elliot becomes very controlling of Becky, she discovers that the key she found is for a caravan that no one knew about. As Becky wonders whether Chloe had been planning to escape from Elliot, Becky realizes that Elliot has locked her in the house. 

Thinking back to Josh’s previous warning of “it’s always the husband” and her recent findings, Becky wonders whether Elliot is responsible for Chloe’s death. Becky continues to try and track down the truth by searching through documents and listening to voicemails. But as she searches through Elliot’s phone, she accidentally cracks the screen. 

Becky tells Livia that she has suspicions about Elliot, but Livia dismisses her claims. And the pair nearly argue when Becky accuses Livia of not helping Chloe before her death. Elliot argues with Becky for cracking his phone screen and takes away her car keys. And when Becky goes to Richard for help, he refuses. When it comes to Elliot’s speech, Becky is ousted from the event when Livia learns that she isn’t Sasha Miles.

Josh tells Becky that she is free from Elliot now. But Becky won’t let it drop and insists that there is unfinished business. And as a result, Josh turns his back on Becky. When Becky visits Chloe’s parents, Becky learns that Chloe had wanted to reconnect with her, but Elliot had forbidden her from doing so. And when Becky asks Chloe’s mother more about her death, it becomes clear that no one saw Chloe jump; instead, Elliot was chasing after Chloe on the clifftops. 

Becky returns to Elliot’s house and records him becoming high-rate, and releases audio of him screaming “I f**king hate you” on Chloe’s social media. With Elliot’s life possibly in tatters, Livia finds Becky at the caravan. Although Livia scolds Becky for lying to her, Becky gives Livia her new phone number.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Chloe season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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