Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – How does Jack find Chao?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 7, 2023
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Prime Video series Tom Clancys Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 3 Recap


There’s a little more action near the end of “Sacrifices,” which is promising, but pretentious dialogue and weak new characters overshadow the more enticing elements of the series. Jack Ryan seems to be taking a back seat in this season as well, while numerous inconsequential subplots are given more screen time to pad out the narrative.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 3, “Sacrifices,” which contains spoilers.

Season four’s main storyline is the merger of the cartel and the Triad crime organization. “Sacrifices” continues Jack Ryan’s (John Krasinski) investigation into this convergence, which takes him on a trip to Mexico.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Betty Gabriel) heads to Nigeria for political negotiations, and Chao (Louis Ozawa) covers his tracks back in Myanmar.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Starting in Nigeria, Elizabeth, and Adebayo head to Lagos, where civil unrest is turning into violence. The assassination of President Udo has led to a political battle between warlord Ekon Ameh and the interim President, Okoli, while the citizens riot.

Elizabeth hopes to bring some stability to the country. She meets with both these Nigerian politicians. But they just want to know who killed Udo.

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Elizabeth promises to find out the truth for them. Using one of the assassin’s burner phones, they investigate the lead suspect.

Why does Jack need to find Chavez?

Meanwhile, in Washington, Miller’s death is thought to be suicide and is headline news. While Chavez has gone missing. Jack is eager to track him down. Now that Miller is dead, they only have Chao left to rely on. They desperately need his intel on the convergence. Jack hopes that Chavez can lead them straight to Chao, so they can figure out who is behind all this.

With all the scrutiny that he is under; Jack decides to resign from his position as the CIA’s deputy director. He tells the President that he doesn’t want Elizabeth getting caught up in his mess.

Jack brings in James Greer as his replacement. James is more than happy to accept this prestigious role. He gets to work on the Udo assassination first. The traced calls lead him to BizHub, where Walters spies James digging around the place.

Jack quickly tracks down Chavez and sends Mike in as his negotiator. Chavez is at his Uncle’s ranch in California.

He immediately warns his Uncle about the cartel, who thinks that he has betrayed them. Meanwhile, Jack travels to meet Chavez.

The next morning, they discuss their options. Jack needs to stop the convergence. He believes Chao can help with this monumental undertaking. And Chavez is the only person who knows where Chao is.

Chavez explains how the Triad will be watching Chao and that he has no way of contacting him. The only lead they have is Chavez’s cousin Marin, who has met with Chao before. He may know Chao’s location.

How do they find Marin?

Mike, Jack, and Chavez plan to meet with Marin in Mexico to figure out Chao’s whereabouts. Chavez asks Lt. Morales to help him get to Marin first. They decide to raid one of Marin’s operations to gain his attention. The team suits up and performs their raid. Marin takes the bait, showing up moments later.

While the CIA play their little games, Chao struggles to protect his family back in Myanmar.

Both Tin Tun and Soe Wai are onto him, suspicious of his irregular behavior. The Triad force Chao to inspect a shipment, which ends up being a human trafficking ring, not drugs as suspected.

Chao clearly doesn’t have the stomach for this crime and squirms out of the situation.

How does Chao cover his tracks?

Soe Wai confronts Chao later. He knows that Chao and his family plan on escaping and urge him to leave his family behind. Chao then kills Soe Wai to cover his tracks. He carries Soe Wai’s corpse to Tin Tun’s home, stating that he has found their mole. Chao plans to use Soe Wai to protect himself, throwing them off his scent.

Back in Mexico, Marin and Chavez talk. Marin thinks Chavez is a traitor, but he isn’t the one calling the shots. Mike snaps a photo of Marin with the CIA members, bribing him into cooperating.

Chavez then tortures Marin for more information. They want to know the location of a marketplace where Chao can be found.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 3 Ending Explained

How does Jack find Chao?

Marin states that the private marketplace is in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is where Chao is heading next. Chavez takes Marin’s phone as well, accessing a direct line to Chao. Marin has led them straight to Chao. Jack calls Elizabeth to update her on the situation, but Elizabeth admits that she cannot get involved anymore.

The third episode concludes with James getting a visit from Walters. The criminal knows James’ home address and has been stalking him and his family. Walters threatens James at gunpoint, ordering him to stop the investigation into the dirty CIA operations.

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