Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – who is Domingo Chavez?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 30, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Prime Video series Tom Clancys Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 2 - Convergence - Recap


“Convergence” continues the show’s penchant for cryptic writing. Characters talk in riddles or tired cliches, delivering endless exposition as dialogue. There is little tension or action in the new season and very little to keep audiences hooked.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 2, “Convergence,” which contains spoilers.

The CIA is under heavy scrutiny, and Jack (John Krasinski) is pinning all the blame on their former director Thomas Miller (John Schwab).

In “Convergence,” Jack Ryan investigates Miller’s dirty operations further. This quickly brings him into contact with the assassin Chavez (Carlos Kaniowsky). Elsewhere, Chao (Louis Ozawa) attempts to figure out what has gone wrong with his cartel business deal.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Starting in Langley, Virginia, Jack explores the CIA’s database searching for Operation Pluto after the previous installment’s cliffhanger ending. Operation Pluto appears to be code for a string of black ops missions, and Chavez’s name is plastered all over the files.

Jack meets with Domingo Chavez, eager for answers. He informs Chavez that Operation Pluto cannot be restarted. He has shut down all the illegal operations at the CIA.

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Jack asks Chavez about Miller, but Chavez says that he never met the man. He thought Walters was in charge. This is the man who instigated the assassination of the Nigerian President in the previous episode.

Who is Domingo Chavez?

From a quick search, Jack’s discovered that Domingo Chavez was essential to these operations and is probably one of the deadliest assassins ever to work for the CIA. Jack asks Chavez for his help in investigating Miller and his dirty operations further.

Next, Chavez talks about Chao Fah, the head of operations at the Silver Lotus Triad, a crime organization in Myanmar.

Chao wants out of the organization. He told Chavez that these CIA operations were controlled by the Triad and that someone in Washington was under their control.

Chavez wholeheartedly trusts Chao. They decide to speak with Miller, hoping to gain access to this asset (Chao) in the process.

Meanwhile, Chao returns to his homeland after the Mexico debacle. He can’t understand why they were attacked or where their money has gone.

Chao hasn’t heard from Miller in a while either. Miller was his link between Mexico and Myanmar.

After talking with Tin Tun (another Triad member), Chao finally returns to his family home. His wife talks about their failed escape attempt at the airport.

Chao wanted his family to leave the Triad, although they were forced to stay in the end.

Why does Chao cover his tracks?

Chao fears that his daughter Bennu will accidentally sell them out, so he manipulates her into believing that the airport trip was just a dream. He then covers his tracks further by forcing his doctor into agreeing that Bennu visited him about a mild fever that day. Chao’s worried that the Triad will kill him and his family if this news ever got out.

Back in Washington, DC, Miller refuses to talk with James about Operation Pluto. After their chat, Miller phones Walters to update him on these growing concerns.

He then speaks with Chao in Myanmar. Chao is confused by the incident in Mexico. Miller blames Jack, stating that he has shut down the operation, so there is no more funding.

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While Miller and Chao are talking, Chavez enters Miller’s office. Chavez explains that he lost seven of his own men in the Mexico shootout. He blames Miller for their deaths.

Chavez orders Miller to contact Jack and to do what he says.

How did Miller use Chavez?

Before this meeting, Ryan updates Elizabeth and the President on the fiasco. He mentions the assassin Chavez and Miller’s operations. Jack believes Miller is working for the Triad and that he used Chavez and the strike team as a weapon to eliminate the Triad’s competition, which explains all the dead cartel bosses.

Jack worries that this convergence between the Mexican cartel and the terrorist organization known as the Triad will end in a global disaster. He thinks that they will target America next.

They need Chao and his intel to stop the terrorists from world domination.

Near the end of the episode, Jack meets with Miller. Jack refuses to restart Operation Pluto. He asks about Walters, but Miller downplays his involvement. Miller then defends his actions, stating that he thought he was saving the country by killing powerful drug dealers.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Jack asks who is really in charge, but Miller won’t answer, fearing his own death. Miller appears paranoid and cuts the conversation short. Back at his home, Miller is attacked by Walters. He strangles Miller and then forces him to overdose on pills.

In the end, Chavez is the one who finds Miller’s dead body. He waits outside for Jack and James to arrive, but they are far too late to save Miller. Chavez now fears that he will be targeted next. His life is in danger.

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