The Princess (2022) the ending explained – will The Princess have to marry Julius?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film The Princess (2022), which will contain spoilers.  

Ready Steady Cut film critic, M.N. Miller, says The Princess, “Is a showcase for Joey King, but the script is overwrought with over-the-top villains and redundant action sequences.”

The Princess concerns the story of a young woman being forced to marry a man named Julius. He wants to be the heir to the throne. Since the King and the Queen have no male offspring, they must marry off their oldest daughter. The only issue is that The Princess, according to her father, has the gall and selfishness to challenge her right not to be sold off as valued goods.

Her father never realized his firstborn had been training to be a knight her entire life, under the tutelage of her teacher Linh and Khai, while supervised by her mother. The Princess is headstrong, stubborn, smart, and knows how to think on her feet. She, though, could no longer swallow her pride and remain silent. She leaves Julius at the altar. The jilted man then raids the royal family’s castle and begins his plan to take the throne by forcing the Princess to marry him.

The Princess breaks out of the prison, where she is kept at the tower’s highest point. As she breaks out of her room, the villains find one of their own, one merc who was supposed to make sure The Princess does not escape, washed ashore after she kicked him out the window. The head of Julius’s army sends a character titled “Heavy Merc” to the top of the tower to ensure she is still in her quarters. As he jogs up the building, he is winded and sweaty. When he takes a minute to rest by sitting on the windowsill of one of the higher levels of the towers, he does not see the Princess hanging outside the castle with her fingertips and clutching the ledge for dear life.

The heavy merc finds his way to the top, sees some feet under the blanket in bed, and heads down to tell his boss the Princess was there. (It is, in fact, a dead merc placed in her bed). That is when a large guard falls to the ground multiple floors above, courtesy of our hero. Later, the Princess manages to fight off dozens of mercs when the heavy one begins to jog towards her. She is ready to cut him down, but she sees him staring at the floor, huffing, and puffing — he never sees her, to the girl’s amazement.

Hulu film The Princess (2022) ending explained

Eventually, the Princess escapes, and Julius threatens to marry her young, pre-teen daughter (seriously). Why? So, he can sit at the throne since his original choice is so unwilling. The Princess and Linh fight off every merc until only two are left — Julius and Moira. Our hero eventually chokes Moira with her whip, and Julius leaves Linh critically injured. As the wedding party scatters, they reconvene to watch Julius push the Princess to the ground and is about to strike her down. That is when he looks up and all the horrified faces and pauses. That is when the Princess makes her move, grabs his sword, and cuts his head off.

At the film’s end, the King wants quality daddy-daughter time. The Princess offers her father his crown. He proclaims that an heir to the kingdom was born and that it will be his daughter. This tosses caution to the wind when it comes to societal norms at the time that still exists today. He then says the daughters of his kingdom can make their own decisions regarding their faith. Her father also tells everyone that his daughter is the future leader.

Then, the heavy merc comes walking out, breathing heavily. He sees the Princess, points to her proudly because he has finally found her, and says, “There she is!”

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