Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 7 recap – raising the stakes

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 15, 2022
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Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 7 recap - raising the stakes


The penultimate episode raises the stakes with some major developments, including one particularly shocking scene.

This recap of Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

So, it’s worth noting that Min-ji catches an absolutely giant L in this episode and gets T-boned by a truck Meet Joe Black style, which I thought I should mention since anyone enjoying the soapy theatrics of this show probably won’t be expecting it and might well find it a touch distressing. It’s decently justified within the plot, though, and is a pretty major way to raise the stakes ahead of the finale.

Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 7 recap

But we’ll get to that. In the meantime, we’re still in the glow of Yoo-hui’s surprising arrest in the previous episode. Hye-seung believes she’s free of her nemesis now, and Hyung-ju seconds the notion, while Ms. Choi goes about trying to sway public opinion of Rex back to something positive, namely by suggesting a Black Level wedding.

Anyway, if you were worried about Yoo-hui being sidelined following her arrest… don’t be. She’s back almost immediately thanks to a sneaky deal with Congressman Son, and all the more determined to enact her revenge on anyone in the vicinity – Hyung-ju included.

You can really feel the show’s separate subplots coming together here. Part of Yoo-hui’s plan involves interfering with the company merger that Hyung-ju is a part of that has been bubbling along in the background. In the meantime, Hyung-ju’s mother begins to interfere in his potential relationship with Hye-seung, so he’s having a worse episode than perhaps anyone else.

And it doesn’t get any better. Due to circulating rumors, he’s replaced as CEO by Sung-jae, which is part of Yoo-hui’s scheme, and Congressman Son advises that the only way to combat all this is to marry a suitable woman whom I’m sure we can all identify. There’s betrayal at every turn. Things are heating up.

While I said a moment ago that Hyung-ju was having an especially terrible episode, I forgot about Min-ji, who definitely has it worse. By the end of the episode she’s comatose and on death’s door having been brutally flattened by a speeding vehicle, the driver of which Ms. Choi arrives at the hospital to reveal was paid off by Yoo-hui.

Even by the standards of our resident villain, this is an especially brutal move, and one that, as mentioned, dramatically raises the stakes in time for the finale. Whatever might happen next? Well, luckily, we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

You can stream Remarriage & Desires season 1, episode 7 exclusively on Netflix.

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