Love Accidentally ending explained – an overly serious romantic declaration

By Nicole Ackman
Published: July 16, 2022
Love Accidentally ending explained - an overly serious romantic declaration

This article discusses the ending of the Amazon Prime FreeVee film Love Accidentally and contains spoilers.

This new romantic comedy lacks the chemistry to make its trope-heavy plot line work as office rivals become anonymous texting buddies. From our review:

Alexa (Brenda Song) is a determined and serious advertising sales rep who wants nothing more than to climb the ranks at the agency at which she works. But her boss isn’t content to simply hand her a promotion. Instead, Debra (Denise Richards) puts together a competition between her and her co-worker Jason (Aaron O’Connell) for who will get the promotion to Director of Sales. Whoever convinces wine-maker Craig (Maxwell Caulfield) to sign with them wins. Jason is a cocky newcomer and Alexa resents that he’s being considered for the same position, considering how many years she has worked there.

Love Accidentally ending explained

Alexa’s ex asks her to get back together with him, which produces complicated feelings especially when her anonymous suitor asks her to meet up with him in person. He also exhibits behaviors, like immediately asking to move in with her, that concern her.

When Jason gets a new company phone, he realizes that it’s Alexa that he’s been texting and he wants to tell her how he feels. However, she sees him chatting with Craig before the big pitch and believes he is going behind her back to win the competition, telling him that she never wants to see him again after their meeting.

Alexa’s online words have made him reconsider what he wants from life and while he attends the pitch, he tells Debra and Craig that they should choose Alexa instead for the promotion, complimenting her hard work and dedication. In doing so, he references their texts and Alexa realizes that he is her mystery guy.

Afterward, their boss tells him that she never intended to pick only one of them. She thought that they would work best together as their bickering reminded her of her parents and has decided to make them Co-Directors of Sales. This cop-out makes the entire film feel ungrounded and also calls her ethics as a boss into question.

Alexa and Jason have a big heart-to-heart in the office in which they acknowledge that they are each other’s anonymous text buddy. Jason tells Alexa that he loves her, in a perhaps overly-serious confession, and the two get together.

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