High Desert Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – why are two people threatening Guru Bob?

May 17, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Episode 2 of High Desert doesn’t do much to move the needle besides Patricia Arquette giving a solid performance—another OK episode.

We recap the Apple TV+ series High Desert Season 1 Episode 2, “Two Knockers and No Boyfriend = A Felony,” which contains spoilers.

With Peggy (Patricia Arquette) struggling to make ends meet in the pilot of High Desert, we see that she wants to dive into the life of being a Private Investigator.

After convincing Bruce (Brad Garrett) to hire her, she is off to find some new cases to bring in, including hunting down the mystery behind the painting that Guru Bob (Rupert Friend) has.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with Peggy reminiscing about playing bingo with her mother. She arrives at her old job, where she is accused of stealing from the safe.

However, she unpacks how it wasn’t her and proves just that by discovering the safe code was the same as the code to turn the alarm on in the place. At the office, she continues pitching Bruce about the Picasso inside Guru Bob’s house and how they could get rich from it.

Peggy heads to the security guard and PI class per request of Bruce. The man teaching the class says they need 50 hours of training to be certified. The man teaching the class is older and very slow, making her impatient, and she leaves. After she leaves, she calls Carol, who agrees to take her class.

While on the phone, she swears she saw her mom get on a bus, but Carol tells her we saw her in the casket.

Who stole the money from the safe?

Guru Bob broke up with Tammy, who is heartbroken. One thing of notice, Peggy realizes that Tammy got a boob job and wonders where she got the money to get them done. Peggy put two and two together, realizing Tammy stole it and used the cash to get a boob job. Tammy begs her not to say anything, and Peggy promises to protect her as long as she breaks it off forever with Guru Bob.

Peggy heads to Guru Bob’s house to do some investigating. She interrupts Bob in the middle of trying to make money, and he calls her out for it. While he tries to use his “Guruness” on her, Peggy calls his bluff and says that she wants the money that he owes Tammy for the boob job she bought.

The two battle back and forth, leading to Peggy heading to snoop in the restroom.

Why are two people threatening Guru Bob?

While Peggy is snooping around the restroom, two men grab ahold of Guru Bob and start to threaten his life. As one has a knife to his throat, the other person asks about a painting they purchased from him for $3 million. The real one is in Boston, and they are trying to figure out what Bob sold them. He tells them that they want their $3 million back.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

We see Peggy head to the bingo hall to play bingo. We see her quickly spiral out of control by popping pills and drinking.

Once she leaves, Guru Bob butt-dials her while getting beat up by the people he ripped off, and while she is talking to him, she backs her car up and rams it right into a truck, and the episode ends.

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