Paper Girls season 1 – who is Erin Tieng?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “who is Erin Tieng,” contains significant spoilers about Amazon’s Paper Girls season 1.

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Who is Erin Tieng in Paper Girls season 1?

At the start of Paper Girls, Erin starts her first job, which is as a paper girl. Her mother is very protective of her, and as a child, she also has a close relationship with her sister, Missy. She starts the series as a shy and timid girl who is almost too frightened to make friends. And when she receives racist abuse whilst delivering papers, she doesn’t stand up for herself. Ultimately, she gets saved by one of the other paper girls. Whilst the show focuses on all of the four paper girls, it’s Erin that appears to be the lead character.

As her father died when Erin was only young, she learned to look after Mom and her younger sister, Missy. With a loving family, Erin is a kind individual that doesn’t always like to go against others.

What does Erin Tieng do?

After Erin starts a paper delivery job, she soon befriends Tiffany, who saves her from a difficult and racist customer. Once Erin befriends the other two paper girls, Mac and KJ, they go to play a prank on some thugs who they believe had threatened KJ. Instead, Erin and the three paper girls become involved in a warring invasion between two different groups of time travelers. With emotions sky high, Mac gets her gun for protection but accidentally shoots Erin in the stomach. 

Two time travelers place bugs on Erin that heal her wound. And the next thing that she knows, she and the other paper girls have traveled to 1999. In that timeline, Erin meets her future self. From Adult Erin, she learns that she no longer speaks to Missy, who wasn’t there for her after their Mom died. On a mission to return to 1988, Erin argues with her older self and tries to force her into helping. Tragically, Erin can only watch as Adult Erin dies in battle whilst trying to save the four paper girls.

Eventually, Erin works with the paper girls, older Tiffany and Larry, to find a way to save the world from the disasters of the war. In the final episode, when Prioress tries to save the paper girls, Erin and Tiffany get separated from Mac and KJ. As they now need to get on a separate spaceship to flee, Erin and Tiffany learn that they might have traveled back in time.

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