Paper Girls season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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A lovely end to the first season of Paper Girls.

This recap of the Amazon originals series Paper Girls season 1, episode 8, “It B Over” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Paper Girls season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

There finally appears to be a breakthrough when the gang use a walkie-talkie to make contact with the STF. However, it just happens to be a circle of events, as they end up making contact with Mac on “Hell Day”. KJ says they will figure this out, but Mac asks him “how”. When Mac goes inside the barn house, Prioress is there. And when KJ comes inside, Prioress claims that she wants to simply send them home. Prioress tells Mac that they’ll return home with no memory, and so Mac tells her the date that they came from. (Big mistake? Likely). Prioress says they’ll soon be home, but someone wants to meet them first. 

Prioress’s superior, Russ, says he will drops them back in 1988 and erase all memories. But KJ doesn’t want to go back to the past. Instead, she wants to go to the future where there might be a cure for Mac. Meanwhile, dinosaurs start to fly in the sky due to the folding. Russ claims that all this time travelling will result at the end of the universe. And so, he cannot (or will not) let Mac time travel to find a cure. But his reasoning doesn’t sit with Mac and KJ, and Mac calls the deal off. 

Larry appears and threatens to kill Prioress’s “pet” if they don’t let the paper girls go. But Larry’s plan doesn’t work, and the “pet” eats Larry. Shortly afterward, Erin and Tiffany learn that Mac will die. Prioress tells the paper girl to leave the house, or she’ll make the dinosaur rip the house apart. So, as a result, the four paper girls agree to stick together. Prioress, or the freaky bi*ch as Mac likes to say, gets the paper girls to come with her. She tells the paper girls that they will become part of a team that could save Mac’s life. Proving that she is helping the paper girls rather than working against them, Prioress takes out some of her fellow guards and instructs them to get into a spaceship. 

The ending

Unfortunately, Prioress gets shot for her efforts. So Erin tries to save Prioress’s life. And whilst she may have been successful, it results in Erin and Tiffany getting locked out of the spaceship before it launches. As Russ comes, she launches another ship for Erin and Tiffany. And Russ can only watch as the spaceship takes off. In retaliation, Russ opens up a tube that removes the bugs that were healing her. As the first season of Paper Girls comes to a close, Erin and Tiffany walk to a drive-thru cinema. So have they just traveled back in time?!

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