Story Recap – what happened in Paper Girls season 1?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Amazon original series Paper Girls season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story Recap – what happened in Paper Girls season 1?

Episode 1-2

Four paper girls, Erin, Mac, KJ, and Tiffany, work on “hell day”. On their shift, they uncover a “turning” which leads them directly into the middle of a war between time-travellers. And in all of the commotion, Erin gets shot in the stomach. But no need to worry, as two-time travelers help the paper girls and heal Erin. Believing that the worst of the night could be over, they go back to Erin’s house, expecting to find her Mom. The only problem is that they’ve travelled to the future. And it isn’t Erin’s Mom they find — it’s Adult Erin.

Erin learns all about her adult self whilst the other three paper girls begin to look into what they have become. Meanwhile, one of the “bad” time travellers, Prioress, becomes intent on finding the paper girls, and it gets suggested that she murders KJ’s parents. 

Episode 3-4

A member of the FTS Underground, Larry, tries to protect the asset, whilst just missing the paper girls. When Mac tracks down her brother, she learns that she died when she was 16 years old. And although her brother, Dylan, doesn’t believe it’s really her at first, he does a DNA test and realises that it is his sister. Larry kidnaps Adult Erin, so Erin, Tiffany, and KJ try to rescue her. Eventually, Larry reveals that he isn’t one of the bad guys. Instead, as part of SFT, he wants to fix past mistakes. And he has a solution to their problems: a giant robot.

As Mac bonds with Dylan, Adult Erin tries to hide from her sister, Missy. But with Prioress on all of their trials, they all have to flee, which is a devastating moment for Mac, who has to leave Dylan behind without saying goodbye. With Prioress close behind, Adult Erin uses the giant robot to time travel.

Episode 5-6

After time travelling works, Adult Erin sacrifices her life after Larry dies to save the paper girls from death. Under the belief that they were back in 1988, the paper girls realize that they’re actually in the year 1999. When KJ locates her older self down in 1999, she realises that she is a lesbian. After Tiffany tracks her older self down, the gang realise that in 1999, Larry will still be alive, so they could use him. 

After several arguments and bonding time, time travelling takes its effects on the paper girls. Afterwards, the two Tiffanys learn that the next folding will be in 2006, which is a massive seven years away.

Episodes 7-8

Tiffany watches her graduation whilst Mac visits her own grave. And when her stepmom visits her grave, she’s confused as to why. This is because, previously, Mac had thought that no one had liked her. Before long, Larry tracks down the paper girls and offers to help. Not only does Tiffany find out she is adopted, but she gets expelled from school, which in Tiffany’s eyes is a huge showing up. When another folding begins to take place near the barn, XK11 Reproud Pro enters the barn and sends a signal to the Old Watch.

When it seems that “hell day” is destined to repeat itself, Prioress enters the scene and claims that all she wants to do is send them home. Her boss, Russ, appears and claims he will send them home after erasing all of their memories as all this time traveling could destroy the universe. 

The paper girls don’t believe his claims. And after Russ has a dinosaur eat Larry, Prioress proves that she is working with the paper girls rather than against them. When she takes the paper girls to a spaceship, she gets shot for her efforts and seemingly dies. However, the paper girls are split apart as they try to flee from Russ. Whilst it isn’t shown where Mac and KJ are, it seems that Erin and Tiffany have time travelled to the past.

And that’s a story recap of Amazon original series Paper Girls season 1! What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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