Paper Girls season 1, episode 2 recap – “Weird Al is Dead”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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With the second episode confirming that Paper Girls is best suited to a teenage audience, the silly nature could sometimes be offputting for those hoping for something more slick and thrilling.

This recap of the Amazon originals series Paper Girls season 1, episode 2, “Weird Al is Dead,” contains spoilers.

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Paper Girls season 1, episode 2 recap

Adult Erin says to herself that she must be having a psychotic break whilst Mac speculates whether they’re actually dead. With more questions than answers for the paper girls, they all begin to freak out. As Tiffany becomes weirded out by the existence of an Alexa, Erin discovers that her Mom is dead. And when Erin asks Adult Erin, who now works in the court system, what happened, she then learns that Adult Erin no longer speaks to her younger sister Missy.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, The Old Timers finds the man that KJ killed. And when Prioress inspects the murder weapon, it links the paper girls directly to the crime. As the paper girls hide out in Adult Erin’s house, Tiffany speculates whether everyone they knew from 1988 is dead. Despite the deadly situation that they’re in, the four paper girls manage to laugh about whether their pets from 1988 are alive or not. 

Mac goes to where her home used to be, and while it’s not there anymore, Mac is happy to know that her school has been knocked down. Prioress heals one of the time travellers and quizzes him about the murder weapon. She begins to torture the time traveller, where he reveals that Lou is in charge. He attempts to escape, but she shoots and kills him. Adult Erin tells the paper girls where they can go to fix their device. Whilst at a store, the younger Tiffany asks KJ whether Adult Erin is capable, so Tiffany wonders whether she should contact her older self. Meanwhile, Mac feels happy with the future as she’s happy that she didn’t remain in the town or turn into an alcoholic. 

The ending

Whilst at the repair store, the device begins to fry. Adult Erin suggests that they use the internet for help, but, of course, the papers have no idea as to what the internet even is. Eventually, Tiffany learns that her future self has her own institute in Cleveland. Shortly afterwards, Young Erin and Adult Erin argue, with Young Erin declaring that she wants to be nothing like Adult Erin. As a result, Young Erin tells the other papers girl that they should leave. 

They soon head out and go to the bus station, but they’re unaware whether the bus station is even still there. Tiffany then realises that they left the device with Adult Erin. Back in her home, Adult Erin somehow manages to turn the device on, and it scans her face. However, tensions continue to run high, and Mac takes it out on Erin, KJ, and Tiffany. Prioress, pretending to be Karen, visits Ozzy and his wife, aka TJ’s parents, and claims to be a new neighbour. She asks if they recognise the murder weapon. When they do, it goes off-screen as Prioress murders the pair.

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