Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 4 recap – “The (Fe)male Gaze”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: August 4, 2022
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The episode’s tone remains dark, but in some way, the teenage silliness of past spin-offs returns. However, it’s still good overall; there will surely be plenty of moments for the fans to obsess over. 

This recap of the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 4, “The (Fe)male Gaze,” contains spoilers.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 4 recap 

In 1999, Marjorie forces Angela to take the blame when she gets caught smoking. So to win Angela over, she buys her a stuffed teddy. In the present day, Marjorie receives an identical teddy. Meanwhile, Imogen tries to learn more about Angela, but she gets the phone put down on her. Even so, Imogen remains determined to uncover the link between Angela and A. After Imogen learns that an offer has been made on her family home, she goes to collect some belongings. When she goes down into the basement, A is also there. Imogen meets the potential buyers and tells them that a woman was murdered there. And so, they remove their offers. 

Tabby’s mother learns what Imogen has done. So, she tells Imogen that the house needs to be sold to cover her Mom’s debts. After Faran gives Kelly a hard time, she eventually apologises and provides her sympathy over Karen’s death. But it seems that Farn starts to suspect that Kelly is actually Karen. Imogen invites the other Liars to use a Oujia board to make contact with her Mom. Although, in the end, Imogen voices her anger over her Mom’s suicide and screams, “f**k you”. 

Sheriff Beasley makes an unexpected drop-in at Noa’s house and searches her house. But the only thing he finds is some sleeping tablets that the school nurse provided him. As Faran tells Tabby that Kelly is giving off “serious Karen vibes”, she is about to share a crazy theory when Greg interrupts. Later, when it comes to making Tabby’s short horror film, they decide to use Psycho but swap the gender roles. (Much like the brilliant Bates Motel!) Greg insists on performing the role in the nude. Frustrated with Greg, Tabby decides to take five. When she returns, everyone but Chip has gone. That’s because Chip chose to finish the shoot when they could not find Tabby. 

The ending

Noa gets a pizza delivery, which she has to collect from downstairs, as the guy’s car is running. But when she goes downstairs, the window has been smashed, and the pizza is on the floor. Noa returns to her flat, only to find A trying to get in. She flees from A by jumping onto a different roof, but this nearly sets off her ankle monitor. A tells Noa that they “want to punish the guilty”, aka Noa’s mother. So, as a result, Noa calls the hospital where Marjorie works and tells them that Marjorie has been stealing drugs. 

Faran asks Henry for help; she suggests that it was Kelly who died, and, as a result, Karen is still alive. She believes that there is one way to find out; Henry will give Kelly a foot rub and see if there’s a scar from the razer attack. Noa turns up to school with no ankle monitor and reveals that A came after her because of what her Mom did to Angela Waters. 

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